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Learn about all the new Broadway musicals and Off-Broadway musicals in New York this season.

Diep Tran
Diep Tran

How do you prefer your musicals? Light and funny? Deep and dark? Kooky and weird? This season on Broadway and off Broadway, there's a new musical for everyone. From historical dramas to teenage coming-of-age tales to musical adaptations of classic and cult classic films, you're guaranteed to find a musical you love in New York.

New Broadway musicals are some of the most exciting parts of the New York theatre season, because they're the competitors for some of the top Tony Awards at the ceremony each June. And new Off-Broadway musicals could someday be classic Broadway musicals. You can check them out while they're still in an intimate venue and brag that you were among the first to experience their greatness. Learn about all the new musicals coming up in New York soon, and get your tickets now.

New Broadway musicals

Long-running Broadway shows are everyone's go-tos, but why not experience a new Broadway musical? You could be seeing the start of a long and prosperous Broadway run. There's a musical to fit everyone's taste, as this season's Broadway musicals feature classic Broadway, pop, rock, and more.

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Back to the Future: The Musical

Go by foot, subway, or time-traveling DeLorean to Back to the Future: The Musical, opening on Broadway in summer 2023. Step into the world of the beloved '80s movie and go back in time with Marty McFly, who almost ruins his parents' first meeting and has to get them back together. In addition to original music, this award-winning musical, which premiered in London, features the movie's famous hits like "Johnny B. Goode" and "The Power of Love."

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The Notebook

The Notebook may be new as a musical, but fans have loved Nicholas Sparks's romantic drama story for more than 25 years. The novel, originally published in 1996 and adapted into a 2004 film, follows lovers Noah and Allie as their class differences and other forces threaten to separate them over the decades. Bekah Brunstetter adapted Sparks's novel for the stage, with Ingrid Michaelson composing the score.

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The Outsiders

First, a 15-year-old S. E. Hinton wrote a novel about teenage gang members who only have each other to rely on for survival as they come of age. Next, she and Francis Ford Coppola adapted the book into a now-cult-classic movie. And in spring 2024, the story gets the Broadway musical treatment, set to folk music by Jamestown Revival and proving that The Outsiders continues to stay gold.

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Water for Elephants

Fans of the 2006 book and 2011 film will be familiar with this spectacular story of an ex-med student who runs away with the circus and falls into a star-crossed, dangerous romance with a married acrobat. Now, experience the thrills live in this high-flying Broadway stage adaptation.

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Hell's Kitchen

Multi-Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys penned the score for this new musical loosely based on her own life. Named for the Manhattan neighborhood where she grew up, Hell's Kitchen tells the story of how 17-year-old Ali comes of age, faces hard truths, and discovers the possibilities music holds for her. Following its sold-out Off-Broadway premiere, the show moves to Broadway in March 2024.

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Years into a long, award-winning Off-Broadway career, writer Shaina Taub finally makes her Broadway debut with the buzzy new musical Suffs after premiering the show at The Public Theater. She's the book writer, composer, and lyricist of this show that dramatizes the women's suffrage movement — with all its flaws — and the leaders who changed its course.

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Tamara de Lempicka, an Art Deco painter with many famous collectors, was a uniquely trailblazing artist. She found her way from riches to rags and back after the Russian Revolution upended her life, but she also redefined the possibilities for women's status, art, and even sexuality. That story is the subject of this new pop-rock show by Broadway-debut creators Matt Gould and Carson Kreitzer, who team up with award-winning director Rachel Chavkin.

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The Heart of Rock and Roll

Old(er) songs meet a new story in this musical rom-com. The Heart of Rock and Roll is set entirely to the tunes of Huey Lewis and The News, including megahits like "The Power of Love." And the power of love is exactly what shines through when two 30somethings meet and help each other find the way to the dreams they never thought they'd achieve.

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The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald's great American novel may be close to 100 years old, but you've never seen it like this. A new musical adaptation of the classic book is coming to Broadway, with Jeremy Jordan starring as lovesick billionaire Jay Gatsby and Eva Noblezada as Daisy, the out-of-reach object of his passions. Original jazz-pop music brings The Great Gatsby into the modern era while still keeping its Roaring Twenties flair.

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In 2005, indie folk musician Sufjan Stevens released Illinois, the album that propelled him to a new level of acclaim among fans and critics. Now, the album is the basis of the new show Illinoise, a dance theatre piece set to Stevens's songs about self-exploration, queerness, and zombies in the title state. His collaborators include Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Jackie Sibblies Drury and Tony Award-winning choreographer Justin Peck.

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A Wonderful World: The Louis Armstrong Musical

One of the first new musicals to be announced for the fall 2024 Broadway season, A Wonderful World: The Louis Armstrong Musical is bringing the swinging jazz stylings of the legendary musician to the stage. The life and career of Armstrong, played by Tony Award winner James Monroe Iglehart, are told from the perspective of his four wives, and the show features all his major hit songs.

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Forbidden Broadway: Merrily We Stole a A Song

Forbidden Broadway isn't exactly new: The parody revue, which features spoofs of Broadway showtunes and is regularly updated with the latest shows, has been around since 1982. But Merrily We Stole a A Song is Forbidden Broadway's first show actually on Broadway. This revue will focus mainly on songs from the 2023-24 Broadway season with a few older spoofs sprinkled in.

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New Off-Broadway musicals

Off-Broadway musicals are just as diverse as Broadway musicals. Lots of celebrated Broadway musicals get their start as new Off-Broadway musicals, so now's your chance to check out a show that no one has seen before. From family-friendly musicals to reimaginings of classic shows, there's plenty to choose from beyond Broadway.

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Tony and Pulitzer winner Michael R. Jackson (A Strange Loop) and Anna K. Jacobson (POP!) adapt the cult classic film for the stage. This darkly comedic story of desire, rage, and bodily autonomy focuses on an evangelical Christian teen whose body bites back — literally — when men violate it.

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Here There Are Blueberries

Tectonic Theatre Project and New York Theatre Workshop co-produce this musical by Tectonic founder Moisés Kaufman and Amanda Gronich. The show is based on the true story of historical photographs from the Nazi era sent to a Holocaust museum in 2007. As the story behind the photos came to light, the images made national news — and debate fodder — and provided insight into both the perpetrators and humanity at large.

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The Lonely Few

This new rock musical follows the push-and-pull romance of Lila, the leader of the title indie band, and Amy, an established musician who invites The Lonely Few on tour. Love blossoms between them, but it might not last.

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