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Singfeld! A Musical About Nothing
Singfeld! A Musical About Nothing Tickets

Singfeld! A Musical About Nothing Tickets

New York
1 May 2023 - 31 Jul 2023
Relive the adventures of Jerry and friends at this spoof on the classic sitcom.

Singfeld! A Musical About Nothing Information

This show about nothing is something worth seeing. Any Seinfeld fan, and even newcomers to the classic Jerry Seinfeld/Larry David sitcom, will enjoy this parody adaptation. You don't have to run all over New York to get seats — find serenity now by getting Singfeld! A Musical About Nothing tickets right here on New York Theatre Guide.

There's no shrinkage of comedy in the Singfeld musical — in fact, there are more laughs than ever. Audiences get to relive all the iconic jokes they know and love from the TV show's nine seasons, from Kramer's business schemes to Jerry's standup routines, Elaine's search for a sponge-worthy boyfriend to George's tall tales as Art Vandelay.

But this time around, the famous TV moments are set to humorous songs with titles like "The Master of their Domain," "Seasons of George," and "The Yadda Yadda Song." Plus, a fifth actor plays "Everyone Else in New York," transforming into multiple fan-favorite minor characters and cameo roles from the series.

The show plays at the Theater Center in rotation with two other sitcom parody musicals: The Office! A Musical Parody and Friends! The Musical Parody. All three shows are co-created by Bob and Tobly McSmith, longtime writing partners whose work also includes parody musicals of Full House, 90210, and Saved By the Bell. For Singfeld, they collaborate with composer Billy Recce, who wrote the music for the critically acclaimed A Musical About Star Wars.

Once you see Singfeld off Broadway once, you might want to double-dip — that is, double-book — to experience the fun all over again. Get tickets to Singfeld in New York now.

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Run time

1 hr 40 mins

Opening date

May 1st, 2023

Closing date

July 31st, 2023




The Jerry Orbach Theater