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'Stranger Sings' review — musical parody turns the hit TV show upside down
If Stranger Things Twitter, theatre Twitter, and '80s kids all created a show together, it would look something like Stranger Sings! The Parody Musical. Jonathan Hogue, who wrote the show's book,... Read more
'This Beautiful Future' review — whose future is it, anyway?
This Beautiful Future is a peculiar yet quietly compelling portrait of two teenagers, a French girl and a German soldier, chasing a connection — and a roll in the hay — amid wartime. Over its compact... Read more
'Sesame Street: The Musical' review — a fun-loving testament to the power of theatre
It seems inevitable that Sesame Street would eventually hit the New York stage — the beloved children's show is already musical, and the theme song is as iconic as any classic Broadway overture. This... Read more
'Kate' review — Kate Berlant battles the camera, but was born for the stage
As audiences file into the Connelly Theater for Kate, they might notice comedian Kate Berlant, of the title, sitting off to the side with a spotlight shining in her face — and on a sign taped to her... Read more