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Exception to the Rule
'Exception to the Rule' review — an eye-opening stint in detention
With Exception to the Rule, provocative playwright Dave Harris takes audiences into the broken carceral system that exists within predominantly Black high schools across the nation. The only problem... Read more
Golden Shield
'Golden Shield' — compelling yet busy play gets lost in translation
In Act II of Golden Shield, the ambitious new drama by Anchuli Felicia King, the narrator takes us through the English proverb “too many cooks in the kitchen.” What that proverb means, says the... Read more
The Vagrant Trilogy
'The Vagrant Trilogy' review — a heartbreaking story of Palestinian displacement
During a heated exchange in Part 2 of Mona Mansour's The Vagrant Trilogy, the Palestinian scholar Adham, while living in London, says of his brother stuck in the Middle East, "He only knows how to be... Read more
Which Way to the Stage
‘Which Way to the Stage’ review: A valentine to New York musical theatre fans
Ana Nogueira‘s new comedy, Which Way to the Stage, is a valentine to New York musical theatre actors and those aspiring who are unable to quit the biz, despite its toxic demands. The play, which is... Read more