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'american (tele)visions' review — a technological marvel with a static narrative
Two words best describe american (tele)visions at New York Theatre Workshop: sensory overload. The play is the theatrical equivalent of flipping through dozens of channels on the television, never... Read more
'Stranger Sings' review — musical parody turns the hit TV show upside down
If Stranger Things Twitter, theatre Twitter, and '80s kids all created a show together, it would look something like Stranger Sings! The Parody Musical. Jonathan Hogue, who wrote the show's book,... Read more
'This Beautiful Future' review — whose future is it, anyway?
This Beautiful Future is a peculiar yet quietly compelling portrait of two teenagers, a French girl and a German soldier, chasing a connection — and a roll in the hay — amid wartime. Over its compact... Read more
'Sesame Street: The Musical' review — a fun-loving testament to the power of theatre
It seems inevitable that Sesame Street would eventually hit the New York stage — the beloved children's show is already musical, and the theme song is as iconic as any classic Broadway overture. This... Read more