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Broadway Shows Opening Soon

Be the first person to see the newest hit Broadway shows in the making — discover Broadway shows opening soon and get tickets to secure the best seats early.

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Get tickets to Broadway shows opening soon on New York Theatre Guide, and be one of the first people to see a hot new production. Some people wait to hear from friends or critics before they decide whether to see an unfamiliar show, but taking a chance on new Broadway productions early is exciting. There's an unmatched energy at a show's first few performances, and you can say you were there first if a show goes on to be a major hit. And no matter whether you attend an early performance or go later in the run, getting tickets early means you have the best chance of securing your ideal seats.

Not all upcoming Broadway shows are even unfamiliar world premieres. Lots of shows come to Broadway following an acclaimed premiere off Broadway, in London, or in a different city in the U.S. Others may be familiar because they're based on a beloved book or movie, feature songs by a famous artist, or star a celebrity whose work you admire. Even before a Broadway show has opened, you might know it's the show for you.

Browse all the Broadway shows opening soon on this page, and discover new Broadway shows in NYC. New Broadway productions are always being announced, so be sure to check back often to see what else is coming up. For more new theatre, explore Off-Broadway shows opening soon, or check out all the musicals and plays on Broadway now.

Audiences are no longer required to present proof of vaccination at Broadway theatres, and mask-wearing is optional. Find out more about Broadway's latest Covid safety policies here.

Frequently asked questions

When does the Broadway season begin?

Each Broadway season begins around late April; the date varies slightly year by year. The season goes through April of the following year, and all shows that open in that year are considered for that year's Tony Awards.