01: What are the differences between Broadway and Off-Broadway theatres?

Click here for our Overview Of New York Theatre, where we explain the main differences between Broadway and Off-Broadway theatres.


02: How far in advance should I purchase tickets?

If you really want to see a particular show, we always advise to book as early as you can. Some highly anticipated shows sell out almost instantly and some you have to book months in advance. Other shows you can book a few days in advance or even last minute. If you are hoping to book a show for a Saturday evening performance, earlier booking is advised. If you are hoping to book a weekend matinee performance for a family-friendly show, we again advise early booking. Check out our current availability of tickets to Broadway shows here.


03: Are theatres open 7 days a week, and what about Public Holidays?

Many of the Broadway theatres showing musicals are "dark" (closed) on Monday nights, however, there are a small handful of shows that do play on a Monday evening and take off a different day of the week instead. We recommend checking the individual performance schedules of your desired shows on this site. Furthermore, for most Broadway and Off-Broadway shows it is business as usual on most public holidays with the exception of Thanksgiving and Independence Day. The performance schedules also vary during the Christmas / New Year week and often have extra matinee performances.


04: We are coming to Broadway in a few months. How often do productions change? That is, should we decide what we want to see and buy tickets now, or should we expect new shows to open before we arrive and so wait and see what develops?

In general, because of the structure of the Broadway season, a generous amount of new Broadway productions tend to open either in the fall (October / November) and again in spring (March / April). These new shows play alongside the long-running Broadway musicals, which run throughout the year. There can occasionally be quite a few changes over a period of a few months, with some productions closing at relatively short notice. We suggest you book now for the shows you really want to see and then perhaps wait until a few weeks before you are due to arrive in New York to book the rest by checking out our current "What's On Broadway" page here.


05: Where can I buy merchandise, cast recordings, and posters of the Broadway shows?

The New York Theatre Guide recommends Theatre Circle, located at 268 W 44th Street, New York, NY 10036. The store is considered a mecca for Broadway fans and has a wide selection of CDs, posters, mugs, sheet music, and other merchandise. There is also a smaller outlet nearby - One Shubert Alley, which is located at 1 Hubert Street, New York, NY 10013.


06: Is there a particular dress code for the theatres?

It does not matter what you wear nowadays to gain entry to the theatres in New York. Both formal and informal clothing is accepted.


07: In my country we tip theatre ushers. Do you tip theatre ushers on Broadway, if so how much?

It is in no way obligatory to tip ushers in New York. If you should want to tip, however, then anything up to $5 would suffice.


08: How can I get an actor's autograph?

Many actors can be greeted by the stage door of the theatre after a performance and many are happy to sign playbills. At some theatres, it is not permitted for the actors to sign anything except the playbill of the particular show they are appearing in. In addition, it is sometimes not permitted to take "selfies" with the actors, although you may take non-posed photographs of them whilst they are signing.