Cookie Policy

This page describes the cookies we use on (“Website”). These cookies have different functions and purposes, which are described below. You can turn cookies off using your browser settings, and also sometimes by visiting the site of the individual cookie provider. However, doing so may significantly affect the functionality of this Website. We therefore do not recommend turning cookies off when using our Website, for these reasons. Rather, if you do not accept the use of cookies for the purposes listed below, please do not use this site.

Your continued use of our Website after reading this Cookie Policy will therefore be taken as your agreement to the Processing of your Personal Data for those purposes detailed. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information on the personal data we process.

What are cookies?

For almost any modern website to work properly, it needs to collect certain basic information on its users. To do this, a site will create small text files that are placed on a user’s computer, smartphone or other device. These cookies are designed to allow a website to recognise its users on subsequent visits, or to authorise other designated websites to recognise these users for a particular purpose.

Cookies do a lot of different jobs which make your experience of the Internet much smoother and more interactive including remembering the contents of your shopping basket and helping you navigate between pages more efficiently. They also help ensure that the advertisements that you see online are more relevant to you and your interests. Much, though not all, of the data that they collect is anonymous, though some of it is designed to detect browsing patterns and approximate geographical location to improve user experience.

What types of cookie are there and which ones do we use?

There are various types of cookie:

Persistent cookies remain on a user’s device for a set period of time specified in the cookie. They are activated each time that the user visits the Website that created that particular cookie.

Session cookies are temporary cookies which only exist during the time you use the Website (or more strictly, until you close the browser after using the Website). Session cookies help our Website remember what you chose on the previous page, avoiding the need to re-enter information. 

First Party cookies are set on the domain you are currently visiting. For example, if you were on, the cookie would be set on the domain if using first party cookies.

Third Party cookies are set on any domain other than the domain currently being visited. For example, if you were visiting and the cookie was set on the domain, that would be considered a third party cookie. Third-party cookies you encounter on our Website are likely to be analytical, performance or targeting cookies. These cookies are placed by the relevant third party and we have no control over these cookies (other than allowing them to be served).

Here is a breakdown cookies we use, what they are used for and the length of time they are active. Where possible we’ve also provided a link to the provider’s website where you can find their cookie policy and, in certain cases, details of how to opt out.

Learn more about Google Analytics.

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Controlling Cookies

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can alter the settings of your browser to erase cookies or prevent automatic acceptance if you prefer. Generally you have the option to see what cookies you’ve got and delete them individually, block third party cookies or cookies from particular sites, accept all cookies, to be notified when a cookie is issued or reject all cookies. Visit the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu on your browser to change settings, and check the following links for more browser-specific information.

For more information about cookies including removing any or all of your cookies, please visit All About Computer Cookies. Please note, however, that by blocking or deleting cookies used on Our Site or Application, you may not be able to take full advantage of Our Site or Applications (as the case may be).

If you would like to remove the Google Analytics and DoubleClick cookies, please visit the following links, Google Analytics Opt-out and Google Ads Browser Plugin, respectively. You should be aware that this will affect your Google cookies on all sites, and not just ours.