The best Broadway Cyber Monday theatre ticket deals

Check out all the shows you can get great seats to on Broadway and beyond with Cyber Monday deals.

Come From Away

With the holidays rapidly approaching, now is the time to get deals on everything on your holiday shopping list, including theatre tickets. A ticket to a show is a great way not only to gift someone — and/or yourself — something they’ll enjoy, but also an experience you can enjoy together. And between plays, musicals, holiday specials, and more, there’s a lot of theatre in New York to see.
Nearly 50 New York shows are participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year. Read below for our guide to all the Broadway and Off-Broadway shows offering deals on tickets.

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Broadway shows

More than 25 Broadway shows are offering deals on tickets. From new plays to classic musicals, there’s a wide variety of theatre to check out. While sales are going on, it’s a great time to discover something new.

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Come From Away

You can come from anywhere to see Come From Away, which has been playing on Broadway for nearly five years. The musical tells the true, touching story of the residents of Gander, Newfoundland, where dozens of international flights were rerouted in the wake of 9/11. The town’s population doubled overnight, and the Gander residents quickly opened up their homes, public buildings, kitchens, and closets to the thousands of passengers in need. 

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Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations

You’ll be on cloud nine at Ain’t Too Proud, the story of how The Temptations went from unknown Detroit singers to one of the most successful music groups in history and the landmark act of Motown. The musical also reveals the internal conflicts that nearly broke the band up, and The Temptations’ entire story, from the highs to the lows, is set to a score of the group’s biggest hits.

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The adventures of Aladdin, including the title street urchin’s transformation into a handsome prince, a magic carpet ride, and the antics of a wish-granting genie, are just as enchanting on stage as on screen (perhaps even more so). You’ll get to enjoy all the classic songs like “Prince Ali,” “Friend Like Me,” and “A Whole New World.”

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Jagged Little Pill

Taking its name from Alanis Morissette’s Grammy Award-winning 1995 album, Jagged Little Pill sets the album’s songs to a Tony Award-winning book by Diablo Cody. Her original story follows the suburban Healy family, whose members each mask their own issues — the parents’ addictions, the son’s anxiety, and the daughter’s struggle with fitting in as an adopted child. 

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Caroline, or Change

Sharon D Clarke won an Olivier Award for playing the title character in London’s West End, and now she’s reprising her powerhouse turn on Broadway. Caroline is a single mother and the callous maid of the Gellman family, who works for just enough money to provide for her children. The Gellmans’ young son, Noah, adores Caroline and leaves extra change in his pockets for her to help her out, but the innocent gesture soon breeds greed and resentment. Tony Kushner’s book is accompanied by Jeanine Tesori’s songs in such diverse styles as blues, folk, klezmer, and more.

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Slave Play

Everything is not as it seems on the MacGregor Plantation, where three interracial couples are working through their lack of attraction for each other. In the process, they confront issues of race-related power dynamics and how a person’s — or a people’s — history affects their current relationships. Slave Play first ran on Broadway in 2019 and received the most Tony Award nominations of any play in history.

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freestyle love supreme

freestyle love supreme is a show the audience gets to create. The titular hip-hop troupe takes suggestions of words, topics, and even stories from the audience’s lives to create rhymes and scenes on the spot. Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda co-created freestyle, and he is one of the many special guests that pops into shows from time to time along with celebrities like Wayne Brady, Daveed Diggs, and more.

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Diana, The Musical

Princess Diana is known for many things: her sense of style, her social outreach, her devotion as a mother, her thankless role as the trophy wife of a cheating prince. Diana, The Musical covers it all. Jeanna de Waal stars as The People’s Princess, who makes use of the constant media spotlight on her to build a legacy separate from her husband, one of charitable work and plenty of royal snark.

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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

You can-can now see the landmark Baz Luhrmann film live on stage, complete with lavish sets, costumes, and choreography befitting of the “spectacular spectacular.” All the classic pop songs used in the movie, plus dozens of more contemporary pop hits, feature in the story of a group of Bohemians finding love and making art in Paris at the turn of the 20th century. Namely, the writer Christian finds himself falling for Satine, the star showgirl at the Moulin Rouge.

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To Kill a Mockingbird

People have come to witness Aaron Sorkin’s adaptation of Harper Lee’s classic novel since 2018. From the perspective of the 6-year-old Scout comes the story of how her father, the lawyer Atticus Finch, defended an innocent Black man in court, and the fallout from that decision — namely, a tirade of racism and hate from their neighbors in pre-Civil Rights Alabama. Jeff Daniels stars as Atticus through January 2, and Greg Kinnear will follow him in the role.

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The Book of Mormon

Go two by two to The Book of Mormon, the irreverent musical comedy from the creators of South Park. A pair of Mormon missionaries is sent to a remote village in Uganda to convert the locals, a task that proves difficult when the villagers are living in poverty, succumbing to sickness, and have forsaken God long ago.

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The Lehman Trilogy

Follow three generations of one family through more than a century at The Lehman Trilogy, an account of the history of the now-defunct Lehman Brothers financial firm. Three brothers immigrated from Germany and, from humble beginnings in the cotton trade, grew their company into an eminent banking firm. More than business, though, the play is about the tensions between the brothers and their sons as each new generation took over the business and pioneered their way.

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Journey to the underworld with Hadestown, Anaïs Mitchell’s musical that sets Greek mythology in a contemporary industrial setting. The underworld is made into a soulless factory run by Hades and Persephone, and Eurydice resigns herself to work there, seeing no other options. Her lover, Orpheus, goes to rescue her, armed with his guitar and guided by the messenger god Hermes.

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Birthday Candles

See Debra Messing star in this new play by Noah Haidle, taking place over 84 years’ worth of one woman’s birthdays. From her 17th birthday to her 101st, she bakes a singular cake, which is about the only constant in her life as everything else changes. Not least of all is her view on what makes her life worthwhile.

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Chicago has been bringing the razzle dazzle to Broadway for 25 years, and the show is still going strong. The musical follows Roxie Hart, a hopeful vaudeville star who finds herself in jail after murdering her lover. That doesn’t stop her rise to stardom, though — in fact, her crime accelerates it. With the help of her smooth-talking lawyer, her story gets sensationalized and graces the front page of every newspaper in the city.

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Uzo Aduba is serving up deliciously dark comedy in Clyde’s, the newest play from two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage. Clyde (Aduba) runs a truck stop sandwich shop staffed by formerly incarcerated workers. She’s the only one that will hire them — and she doesn’t let them forget it. The staff, meanwhile, dream of building a better life beyond the sandwich shop, and they support each other in their shared quest to create the perfect sandwich.

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Spend an evening with the ladies who lunch at Company, headlined by Tony winners Katrina Lenk and Patti LuPone. The bachelorette Bobbie (Lenk) is turning 35, and all of her friends wonder why she hasn’t settled down yet. A series of vignettes shows Bobbie interacting with her friends and past lovers, and as she looks back on it all, she comes to her own conclusion as to whether or not marriage will make her happy about being alive.

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David Byrne’s American Utopia

Former Talking Heads frontman and Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee David Byrne is back on Broadway with a second run of his theatrical concert, American Utopia. The show borrows its title from Byrne’s 2018 solo album, and Byrne sings most of the album’s songs interspersed with hits from his career and personal anecdotes. He’s backed by an 11-piece band of musicians and singers that move freely about the bare stage, making for a show that’s unlike any other rock concert or Broadway show out there.

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Dear Evan Hansen

Before becoming a major motion picture, Dear Evan Hansen won six Tony Awards on Broadway including Best Musical. The show’s titular character is a teenager struggling with social anxiety and loneliness at school and home. He writes letters to himself, but they fall into the hands of the grieving parents of a fellow student. Evan pretends the letters the two were friends, and he unwittingly starts a social movement about inclusion — but he has to untangle himself from his initial lie.

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Flying Over Sunset

Actor Cary Grant, author Aldous Huxley, and playwright/diplomat Clare Boothe Luce all experimented with LSD in the 1950s and 1960s — the fact is historically documented. The new musical Flying Over Sunset imagines what it would have been like if the three met up in Malibu and all tried the drug together. Each famous figure goes on their own journey of self-discovery, and the musical’s songs only come in when the characters are high. The show is a trip like no other.

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Girl From the North Country

Set in Bob Dylan’s hometown of Duluth, Minnesota, Girl From the North Country is an ensemble show about the owners of an inn there and the guests that come to stay. It is the 1930s, amid the Great Depression, and everyone is struggling with various types of financial trouble, pain, and secrets, but they come to find hope in each other. Dylan’s music, played on authentic 1930s instruments, drives the show.

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Mrs. Doubtfire

Bring the family together to see the new musical comedy based on the 1993 Robin Williams film. Daniel Hillard, an out-of-work actor, is separated from his wife but still longs to see his kids. In a desperate attempt, he adopts the disguise of the elderly Euphegenia Doubtfire and gets hired as the children’s nanny. He improves his parenting (and household chores) skills in the process, and the family ends up closer than before. 

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The Phantom of the Opera

Listen to the music of the night this season. As Broadway’s longest-running show, The Phantom of the Opera has been playing that music for more than 30 years. The titular phantom, a disfigured man living in the shadows of the Paris Opera House, falls for the opera’s young ingenue Christine. Despite being in love with her childhood sweetheart Raoul, she finds herself falling under the phantom’s treacherous spell.

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Skeleton Crew

In Skeleton Crew, Phylicia Rashad stars as a worker at Detroit’s only auto plant still in operation. Rashad’s character and her fellow workers have grown into a family, banding together through shared work and supporting each other when their bosses don’t care. Their loyalties are put to the test, however, when the plant announces its impending closure.

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Thoughts of a Colored Man

Follow seven Black men through one day in Brooklyn in Thoughts of a Colored Man. Through song, poetry, and dance, the men share their dreams, triumphs, and fears with each other as their paths cross in various ways. In doing so, they also provide the audience a complex portrait of Black manhood and the struggles that represent the struggles of a people.

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Trouble in Mind

Alice Childress’s play about a seasoned Black stage actress stars LaChanze, a Tony Award-winning Broadway veteran herself. The actress, Wiletta, gets a Broadway role destined to be her big break. But when she witnesses the all-white male leadership team talk down to her fellow Black cast members and perpetuate racial stereotypes, she’s forced to decide whether making her break is worth compromising her integrity.

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Broadway has ordered up a second run of Waitress, which features music by Grammy Award winner Sara Bareilles. The pie chef Jenna is stuck in a small town waiting tables at a diner, coming home to a loveless husband, and with a pregnancy she didn’t want. She learns about a pie-baking contest with a cash prize that she hopes will be her ticket to a better life, and she finds support (and romance) in between with her doctor.

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Off-Broadway shows

Beyond Broadway, you can get tickets to plenty more shows for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Get into the holiday spirit with a Christmas show, spend a fancy night out at the opera, or see a long-standing fan-favorite show — all for a great price.

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The Metropolitan Opera presents a new take on the classic fairytale, with a shortened runtime and lyrics in English to make it suitable for audiences of all ages. In this rags-to-riches story, a young housemaid gets a glamorous transformation on the night of the prince’s royal ball. Cinderella and the prince must find their way back to each other even when her fancy dress and glass slippers disappear.

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The Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is on Broadway with Hadestown and at The Metropolitan Opera with Eurydice. As the legend goes, Orpheus journeys to the underworld to rescue Eurydice, who died shortly after the couple got married, and bring her back to life. The new opera, with a libretto by Sarah Ruhl based on her play of the same name, tells the story from Eurydice’s point of view.

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Le Nozze di Figaro

In Mozart’s comic opera, part of The Metropolitan Opera’s season, the titular servant, Figaro, is about to be married. His boss, Count Almaviva, has other plans. He schemes to delay the marriage in order to have Figaro’s fiancée for himself first.

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The Magic Flute 

The Magic Flute, another Mozart opera, is part of The Met’s holiday series of abridged, English-language performances suited for children. The Queen of the Night sends the prince Tamino to rescue her daughter from her nemesis, the supposed demon Sarastro. Upon reaching Sarastro’s temple, Tamino and the princess discover that it’s the Queen who should be vanquished, and their quest is aided by the titular instrument that turns sadness to joy.

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Verdi’s opera gets an all-new update from Tony Award-winning director Bartlett Sher. He sets the action of the show in 1920s Europe, where the Duke of Mantua and Rigoletto, his court jester, are cursed by a courtier. The courtier is angered by the Duke’s philandering and Rigoletto’s encouragement of it, so he ensures that the Duke will never get to be with the woman he loves — Rigoletto’s own daughter. 

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See one of opera’s classic divas, the fictional singer Floria Tosca, in The Metropolitan Opera’s production. Tosca is in love with Cavaradossi, and the corrupt police chief Scarpia is in love with Tosca. When Scarpia gets wind that Cavaradossi may have committed a crime, he tries to seize the opportunity to get him locked away so Scarpia can have Tosca for himself.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas

See the Peanuts gang live on stage this holiday season. In a theatrical version of the classic TV special, Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy, Linus, and all their friends discover the true meaning of the holiday as they put on a Christmas play. The audience even gets to sing along with the Peanuts to classic Christmas carols at the end of the show.

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Jersey Boys

Walk like a man to Jersey Boys, the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and their meteoric rise to fame. You’ll see their career highs and the internal conflicts that became their lowest lows, all set to the band’s hit songs like “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Oh, What a Night,” and “Can’t Take My Eyes off You.”

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Stomp has been creating the rhythm of New York for more than 25 years. Acrobatics, physical comedy, and pantomime all come into play in this high-energy performance, but Stomp is most known for its showcase of music made with nontraditional objects like brooms, pans, and garbage cans.

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A Sherlock Carol

It’s no mystery whether A Christmas Carol would appear on the New York stage this holiday season, but this year, the age-old tale gets a twist. Mark Shanahan’s new play sees Sherlock Holmes enter the story when an adult Tiny Tim recruits him to investigate Ebenezer Scrooge’s death. As they did to Scrooge before him, the ghosts of past, present, and future appear to Holmes during the investigation.

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Black No More

A cast including Brandon Victor Dixon, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter of The Roots, Lillias White, Ephraim Sykes, Jennifer Damiano and more headline the new musical Black No More, based on George S. Schuyler’s 1930s novel. Max Disher, a Black man, hears of a new machine that turns Black people white and claims to “solve the American race problem.” Max is eager to try it, but the whitening of the world comes with unforeseen consequences.

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Drunk Shakespeare

Grab your own drink and settle in for Drunk Shakespeare, in which five actors set out to perform a Shakespeare play. One, however, has taken five shots of whiskey. The other four have to go along with whatever choices the drunken actor makes while still keeping the show moving forward, and the results are always unpredictable and hilarious.

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Intimate Apparel

In addition to Eurydice, another play-turned-opera is premiering in Lincoln Center this season: Lynn Nottage’s Intimate Apparel. The opera and her 2003 play, in turn based on the life of her own great-grandmother, follow a young Black woman who moves to the city to build a life as a seamstress. Soon, she finds herself falling into a forbidden romance with the Orthodox Jewish man who sells her fabric.

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Is There Still Sex in the City?

Candace Bushnell, the author of the newspaper column that became Sex and the City, debuts a new solo show about her latest New York adventures. She talks about divorcing at 50 and her and her friends’ experiences navigating the New York dating scene in the 21st century, all in her signature style. That is, with cosmopolitan cocktails on hand and her shoe obsession intact.

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Kimberly Akimbo

Kimberly is as warm and fun as you’d expect a teenager to be. The only difference is that she doesn’t look like a teenager — she has a premature aging disease that makes her look elderly. And she’s coping with family troubles. And she got caught up in a shady money scheme. She just wants to find happiness through it all in this new musical adaptation of David Lindsay-Abaire’s play, featuring songs by Jeanine Tesori.

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Nutcracker Rouge

This holiday special isn’t for the kids. Nutcracker Rouge blends burlesque, circus, and opera performance into a wholly unique take on the tale of Clara and the Nutcracker. Audiences will be immersed in the sensual side of the Land of Sweets as performances happen all around them, and they enjoy champagne, cocktails, and signature treats themed to the show.

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The Play That Goes Wrong

This madcap comedy hit sees skilled, professional actors play a hapless amateur theatre troupe struggling through the opening night of their new murder mystery play. Along the way, just about every problem befalls them: Props go missing (as do cast members), someone faints, and the set crumbles around them. And that’s not even the half of it.

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Prayer for the French Republic

Joshua Harmon’s world-premiere play follows five generations of a French-Jewish family. The youngest generation wonders what it will take for them to be safe in their homeland, a question that their great-grandparents also asked years ago.

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Winnie the Pooh: The New Musical Adaptation

Winnie the Pooh is a perfect musical for children and adults who want to relive their childhood. Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, and all their friends go on an all-new journey through the Hundred Acre Wood, brought to life by adorably woodsy sets and life-size puppetry.

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Trevor: The Musical

See the new musical adaptation of the Academy Award-winning short film. The titular 13-year-old boy struggles to fit in with his peers, not least of all because he's gay. The show follows his journey to accepting himself and finding a supportive community.

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Speakeasy - Times Square

The Theatre District restaurant Bond 45 is back with Speakeasy, a culinary and entertainment experience. The ticket includes five signature cocktails, a handcrafted appetizer, and a night of burlesque, music, and circus performances.

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