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Drunk Shakespeare
Drunk Shakespeare Tickets

Drunk Shakespeare Tickets

New York
1 Nov 2014 -

Drunk Shakespeare Information

One professional New York actor has at least 5 shots of whiskey and then attempts to perform in a Shakespearean play. 

The Drunk Shakespeare Society has been meeting, drinking and performing Shakespeare for over a thousand nights ... and over a thousand litres of liquor. This talented troupe of rotating members loves
sharing the epic poetry of William Shakespeare, but you don't need to know a lick of it to enjoy yourself. Pop culture references, improvisation, audience games, a wealth of surprises and liberal departures from
the text (with outrageous consequences) make this accessible for anyone who likes a drink. Every night is different and truly anything can happen.

Drunk Shakespeare returns at the Lounge from July 2. Book Drunk Shakespeare tickets in New York now. Ticket holders for Drunk Shakespeare must be 21+.

Photo credit: Aubrey Taylor (Photo by Travis Emery Hackett)

There is a hidden library in Times Square. With over 15,000 books, The Drunk Shakespeare Society meets every night to drink... and perhaps do a little Shakespeare. A mysterious bartender serves cocktails through a 10-foot high bookcase made entirely of black books. 100 prized novels are forever buried in an amber fluid in front of a royal throne. Other easter eggs are hidden throughout the room...

Run time

90 minutes (no intermission)

Opening date

November 1st, 2014



Previews from

March 1st, 2014


Green Fig


21+ only. Photo ID required.

Cast and creative

By: The Drunk Shakespeare Society
Director: David Hudson
Producer: Scott Griffin for Meme Juice Productions & CM Lisa Klages
Cast list: Nate Betancourt, Danielle Cohn, Tim Haber, Josh Hyman, David Andrew Laws, Whit Leyenberger, Preston Mulligan, Mariah Parris, Mike Sause, Aubrey Taylor, and Khiry Walker

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