Molly Sweeney

Molly Sweeney

Keen Company kicks off its 20th Anniversary Season with a New York revival of Molly Sweeney, written by Brian Friel and helmed by Artistic Director Jonathan Silverstein.

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Running time: 
2hrs 30mins (including 1 intermission)
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About Molly Sweeney:

Having lost her sight at infancy, Molly Sweeney knows the world through touch, sound, taste, and smell. When her hopeful husband and ambitious doctor propose an operation to restore her sight, Molly and those around her begin to understand that things may not all be as they appear. Molly Sweeney is a riveting contemporary drama about the unexpected consequences of a medical miracle.

Brian Friel
Keen Company
Jonathan Silverstein
Anshuman Bhatia
Fan Zhang
Steven Kemp
Jennifer Paar
Cast list:
Paul O’Brien (as Mr. Rice), Pamela Sabaugh (as Molly Sweeney) and Tommy Schrider (as Frank)
Other info:
Dialect Coaching by Amanda Quaid
Molly Sweeney Performance Dates & Times
Previews from: 
October 8, 2019
Opening date: 
October 23, 2019
November 16, 2019

Performance schedules for all shows are subject to change.

Theatre Row

410 West 42nd Street (between 9th and Dyer Avenue), New York, NY 10036
Nearest subway station:
42nd Street - Port Authority Bus Terminal Station

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Brian Friel & Pearl Cleage
Keen Company announces 20th Anniversary Season at Theatre Row
August 12, 2019

Keen Company has now revealed the two Off-Broadway productions that will make up its forthcoming 20th Anniversary Season. This fall, Keen presents a New York revival of Molly Sweeney, written by Brian Friel and helmed by Artistic Director Jonathan Silverstein, and this will be followed in spring 2020 by the New York premiere of Blues for An Alabama Sky, written by Pearl Cleage and directed by LA Williams. Both productions will be staged at Theatre Row.

Our Molly Sweeney Review

In Keen Company’s production of Brian Friel’s Molly Sweeney there is a mighty tale to tell. As the title indicates, this play is her story. Molly (Pamela Sabaugh) is at the center of it, while the planets in orbit around her are affected by her fate. Frank (Tommy Schrider) has been her husband of some years. He is a fanciful man with a wandering heart. Projects pull him from place to place,... Read more