Colin Quinn

Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State

Popular stand-up comedian Colin Quinn returns to the New York stage with his latest one-man comedy. Following on from the success of previous solo shows, including the Broadway productions of Colin Quinn: An Irish Wake and Colin Quinn: Long Story Short and Off-Broadway productions of Colin Quinn: Unconstitutional and Colin Quinn: The New York StoryColin Quinn: Red State Blue State will be recorded at the Minetta Lane Theatre for preservation as an audio play, courtesy of Audible.

(Photos by Monique Carboni)

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Running time: 
1hr 20mins (no intermission)
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About Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State:

Colin Quinn is back and not a moment too soon. The satirical sage from Brooklyn returns with Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State, where he lays bare the absurdities, hypocrisies and calamities on both sides of the political divide. This is no witch hunt: Colin is here to own the libs, the conservs and all of you in between.

Colin Quinn
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Colin Quinn
Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State Performance Dates & Times
Previews from: 
January 5, 2019
Opening date: 
January 22, 2019
March 16, 2019

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Minetta Lane Theatre

18 Minetta Lane (between Bleecker and West 3rd Street), New York, NY 10014
Nearest subway station:
West 4th Street - Washington Square Station

Our Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State Review

Colin Quinn has a keen eye and a big mouth. Thank God. What most of us would view as a sorry state of affairs Quinn sees as a feast for the taking. With so much going wrong and so much more wrong-headed behavior coming down the pike, Quinn is like a guy who hasn't eaten red meat in a month of Sundays looking at a beautiful hamburger - beer and french fries included of course....