A Touch of the Poet

A Touch of the Poet

Irish Repertory Theatre continues its Off-Broadway season with A Touch of the Poet, written by Eugene O'Neill and directed by Ciarán O’Reilly.

About A Touch of the Poet:

In A Touch of the Poet, proud and tempestuous Cornelius Melody (Con) owns a run-down inn and tavern near Boston in 1828. Laden with debt, Con clings to his tenuous identity as a landed gentleman and war hero and chastises his wife and daughter for actions that expose the family’s humble Irish origins. When his daughter Mary falls in love with a wealthy American guest at their inn, Con’s pride drives him to an explosive reckoning with his true place in the New World.

Eugene O’Neill
Irish Repertory Theatre
Ciarán O’Reilly
Michael Gottlieb
M. Florian Staab
Charlie Corcoran
Alejo Vietti
Cast list:
Belle Aykroyd (as Sara Melody), Ciaran Byrne (as Dan Roche), Robert Cuccioli (as Cornelius “Con” Melody), Kate Forbes (as Nora Melody), Mary McCann (as Deborah), Andy Murray (as Cregan), David O’Hara (as Paddy O’Dowd), Tim Ruddy (as Mickey Maloy), David Sitler (as Patch Riley), and John C. Vennema (as Nicholas Gadsby)
Other info:
Original Music by Ryan Rumery and Props by Sven Henry Nelson
A Touch of the Poet Performance Dates & Times
Expected Fall 2020 / Spring 2021

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