New York comedies

Get a good laugh by experiencing tried-and-true funny hits like The Book of Mormon and plenty of new, ever-changing comedy theatre on and off Broadway.
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Satirical and political comedies

Witness sharp wit and political humor.

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Many people visit theatres as an escape, and New York's comedies offer the perfect retreat. This includes a variety of hilarious plays and musicals, both on Broadway and Off-Broadway.

The selection of funny Broadway shows is diverse, featuring musical comedies, absurd plays, dark humor, satirical shows, and more. Comedy musicals in New York like The Book of Mormon have been delighting audiences for years with award-winning comedy. For those who prefer comedy plays in New York, Drunk Shakespeare transforms even the darkest tragedies into a laughter fest, aided by a little alcohol. Family-friendly options abound too, such as Disney's magical musical comedies that offer delightful songs alongside the laughs.

Discover Broadway comedies and Off-Broadway shows with all kinds of humor. This page regularly shows new plays and musicals, so keep an eye out for the latest additions that promise to tickle your funny bone. Get your ticket now, and you might witness the rise of the next big comedy star. That’s no joke!

Frequently asked questions

Can you recommend some popular comedy plays or musicals in New York City?

The Book of Mormon, Titanique, Drunk Shakespeare, and musical parodies of The Office, Friends, and Seinfeld are among the popular, long-running comedy plays and musicals that remain popular with audiences.

Can I expect audience participation in comedy theatre shows in New York City?

Comedy theatre shows, like most other traditional theatre shows, generally do not include audience participation. Exceptions might include stand-up comedy acts on Broadway, kids' shows, or other nontraditional theatre performances.

Can I find family-friendly Broadway comedies in New York City?

Yes — Disney shows like Aladdin and The Lion King include plenty of family-friendly fun and laughs. Other family-friendly Broadway shows and Off-Broadway shows like Back to the Future: The Musical and The Play That Goes Wrong include funny moments, too.

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