Off-Broadway shows in NYC

Go beyond Broadway and get tickets to Off-Broadway shows playing all across the city, including everything from classics to new and exciting hits in the making.
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Get tickets to the best Off-Broadway shows all across New York City. New York theatre is much more than just the shows in Broadway's 41 venues in the Theatre District — the whole city is a thriving hub for theatre, with venues for plays, musicals, comedy, concerts, and more scattered throughout all five boroughs. If you're looking for theatrical entertainment that’s not a play or musical — like a stand-up show or a symphony — or want to be the first to see a future Broadway hit in the making, Off-Broadway is the place to look.

Renowned venues like Radio City Music Hall and The Metropolitan Opera are Off-Broadway theatres, so attend a show at one — or both — to experience a must-see New York show. Other institutions like The Public Theater, Roundabout Theatre Company, Second Stage Theater, and Atlantic Theater Company are known for producing Off-Broadway plays and musicals that go on to Broadway and put talented writers on the map. See new Off-Broadway plays and Off-Broadway musicals, or get tickets to long-running Off-Broadway hits such as Little Shop of Horrors and The Play That Goes Wrong, located steps away from Broadway in the Theatre District. Other shows, like the immersive hit Sleep No More, make audiences part of the production, offering an entertainment experience like no other.

Most Off-Broadway shows only run for a limited time, though, so don't miss out. The good news is that means there's always something new to discover off Broadway in every neighborhood. Get Off-Broadway tickets on New York Theatre Guide now and discover the possibilities for theatre beyond Broadway.

Frequently asked questions

What does Off-Broadway mean?

Off-Broadway theatre refers to performances in any venue besides the 41 designated Broadway theatres in the Theatre District. All theatres with fewer than 500 seats are automatically considered off Broadway, even if they are in the Theatre District. Conversely, any venue with more than 500 seats that isn't a designated Broadway house — such as Radio City Music Hall — is also considered off Broadway.

Where is Off-Broadway?

Off-Broadway is not a specific district or area in New York City. All venues besides the 41 designated Broadway theatres are considered off Broadway, so Off-Broadway theatres are located all across the city.

How many Off-Broadway theatres are there?

There are hundreds of Off-Broadway theatres all across the city. Some of the major Off-Broadway venues and producing companies are The Public Theater, Atlantic Theater Company, Second Stage Theater, Manhattan Theatre Club, and Roundabout Theatre Company (the latter three of which operate a Broadway venue in addition to Off-Broadway venues).

What is the largest Off-Broadway theatre?

Radio City Music Hall, with more than 6,000 seats, is one of the largest Off-Broadway venues in the city; though it hosts more concerts than theatre, it's best known for its annual Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes. The 3,000-seat Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center is another of the city's largest live-theatre venues.

What is the smallest Off-Broadway theatre?

It's impossible to name the single smallest Off-Broadway theatre, as there are lots of very small performance spaces across the city that are considered Off-Broadway venues. Some popular small Off-Broadway venues include SoHo Playhouse and the Cherry Lane Theatre, but you can discover Off-Broadway theatre in countless intimate spaces like underground clubs, small stages, and more.

What is the longest-running Off-Broadway show?

Perfect Crime is the longest-running Off-Broadway show, having run since 1987. It currently plays at The Theater Center, and Catherine Russell has played the lead role for the show's entire run. The longest-running Off-Broadway show of all time is The Fantasticks, having run from 1960 to 2002 and again from 2006 to 2017.

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