Off-Broadway Shows Closing Soon

Don't miss your chance to see these closing Off-Broadway productions — get tickets to these shows in New York now before it's too late to catch a performance.
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"Don’t miss out on a great show! Get tickets for Off-Broadway shows closing soon in New York before they're gone for good. Off-Broadway shows often have limited runs, so no matter how successful they are, audiences only get a few weeks or months to catch them. Be sure not to let your chance to see these closing Off-Broadway productions go by — it might be your last chance to see a hidden theatrical gem. Or, you'll be able to say you were among the first audiences to see a show off Broadway before it became a major Broadway hit.

Many Off-Broadway shows typically run as part of a theatre company's season, with renowned instutions like Roundabout Theatre Company, Atlantic Theater Company, The Public Theater, and Second Stage Theater. With multiple shows in each season programmed for the same stage, each one must come to an end after a while. Even long-running Off-Broadway staples eventually become last-chance tickets — the New York City staple Stomp, for example, ended a nearly 30-year run in January 2023. The good news is that the rotating nature of Off-Broadway shows means there's always new theatre on the horizon to discover.

See last-chance Off-Broadway shows before it's too late. Make sure you don’t miss any must-see shows by checking out Broadway shows closing soon as well, or get tickets for Off-Broadway shows opening soon and discover new shows to see all across New York. Get tickets to Off-Broadway shows closing soon on New York Theatre Guide now.

Frequently asked questions

When does the Off-Broadway season end?

Most Off-Broadway theatres program shows year-round, with slightly less programming during the summer. Unlike Broadway, whose season ends on the Tony Awards eligibility cutoff date every year, there isn't a specific cutoff date between Off-Broadway seasons because each award has a different eligibility cutoff date. Some theatres start their new seasons in the fall, while others do it in the summer.

How long do Off-Broadway shows run?

Most Off-Broadway shows runs from anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, as there are often multiple show within a theatre company's season. As with Broadway shows, though, there are a few long-running Off-Broadway shows that continue for years, like Blue Man Group, Perfect Crime, and Little Shop of Horrors.

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