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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Theatre Gift Guide: Gift these Broadway and Off-Broadway shows this holiday season

Check out our recommendations for the best theatre tickets to give everyone on your list this year.

Gillian Russo
Gillian Russo

Theatre tickets make an ideal gift, especially right now. You don't have to wait in long lines to get them, and you can always find a ticket for a different day or show if one is sold out, unlike a popular toy or the newest tech gadget. Plus, most theatres provide e-tickets now or you can pick them up at the box office. Either way, you don't have to worry about the tickets getting lost in the mail or not arriving in time for Christmas. And you don't have to spend time and money on wrapping paper and tape, just to have to clean it all up and throw it away later.

But perhaps the best reason of all to get a theatre ticket for everyone on your holiday shopping list is that it's more than a thing; it's an experience. A theatre ticket is the start of a special memory that you can share with whoever you're giving a ticket to. Get one for yourself as well, and you can enjoy a show as part of a date night, a family bonding trip, or a night out with friends.

There are dozens of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows that would make great gifts for all sorts of people, from your theatre-obsessed friends to your old-fashioned parents to kids, teachers, dates, grandparents, and more. We've hand-picked a few shows to get your gifting started.

Broadway shows to gift

Broadway show tickets make a great gift for theatre lovers, and we've rounded up a few shows that make great gifts for parents, friends, partners, and new Broadway fans. 

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& Juliet

Featuring 30 pop hits from Bon Jovi to Britney Spears to NSYNC, & Juliet is the perfect gift for a nostalgic millennial or anyone looking to have two and a half hours of pure fun. Go along with Juliet, of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, as she goes on a journey to Paris to find herself rather than ending it all over Romeo.

Get & Juliet tickets now.

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Take friends, family, or a date to a whole new world at Aladdin. A ticket to this Disney hit, based on the 1992 film, is perfect for anyone who loves a musical spectacle and plenty of classic theatrical magic — and a flying carpet's only the half of it.

Get Aladdin tickets now.

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The Book of Mormon

With a hit Broadway run of 10 years and counting, The Book of Mormon is a great way to introduce a casual or first-time theatregoer to musical comedy. Anyone who likes South Park and its sense of humor will be treated to plenty of laughs with a ticket to this musical.

Get The Book of Mormon tickets now.

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Get Hadestown tickets for someone and they'll be livin' it up on top. It's a perfect show to gift a significant other, as the musical tells an epic love story from ancient Greek mythology that's just as stirring now.

Get Hadestown tickets now.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ticket is nothing short of a magical gift that will leave a recipient of any age spellbound. You can even make a whole Harry Potter-themed experience out of your gift, coupling the show with a trip to the Harry Potter store in Manhattan to get merch and butterbeer while you're in the city.

Get Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets now.

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Can't decide whether to get tickets to a Broadway show or a concert? Why not both? KPOP delivers a juicy story, taking audiences behind the scenes of the internationally popular K-pop industry, while delivering all the catchy bops, eye-popping visuals, and high-octane dance moves of a Blackpink or BTS stadium concert. Even non K-pop fans will find themselves grooving along.

Get KPOP tickets now.

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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

If a trip to Paris isn't in the cards, Moulin Rouge! The Musical is the next best gift. The musical fully immerses you in the Bohemian nightclub, and with 10 Tony Awards to its name including Best Musical, the show is a certified spectacular perfect for pop music lovers, fans of the 2001 movie, or anyone looking to escape the routine of daily life for a few hours. 

Get Moulin Rouge! The Musical tickets now.

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The Phantom of the Opera

After 35 years, The Phantom of the Opera is set to close in April, so get tickets for yourself and your loved ones to finally check it off your bucket list. See this thrilling Gothic romance about an opera ingenue, Christine, whose romance with the dashing Raoul is threatened by a jealous, mysterious Phantom lurking in the Paris Opera House.

Get The Phantom of the Opera tickets now.

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Get your friends tickets to the feminist musical that's still ruling Broadway. Six features Henry VIII's six wives as a contemporary girl group, sharing their lives as queens in their own words and competing over who gets to lead the band. Anyone on your gift list will lose their head once they unwrap Six tickets.

Get Six tickets now.

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Off-Broadway shows to gift

If you're buying a gift for a longtime theatre fan who's seen everything on Broadway, introduce them to the equally varied world of Off-Broadway musicals and plays. 

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Blue Man Group

If you're looking for a nontraditional gift for a first-time theatregoer, get Blue Man Group tickets. They've probably at least heard the name and, while they're playing music on paint-splattered drums and other unconventional instruments, the Blue Men are learning just as much about the world of the theatre as the audience is.

Get Blue Man Group tickets now.

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Little Shop of Horrors

This horror comedy about a hapless flower shop worker and a flesh-eating plant is a fan favorite, and the latest revival has been blossoming off Broadway since 2019. Hear songs like "Somewhere That's Green" and "Skid Row" performed in an intimate venue — just watch out for the plant's snapping jaws, especially if you're close to the front!

Get Little Shop of Horrors tickets now.

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Nutcracker Rouge

Including an immersive burlesque-circus-opera show, treats, and themed cocktails, a ticket to Nutcracker Rouge isn't just a gift — it's an experience, perfect for your friends or significant other looking for a fun night out.

Get Nutcracker Rouge tickets now.

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Sleep No More

Don't just gift a show this holiday — gift an experience. Fans of Shakespeare and classic movies alike will love Sleep No More, an immersive adaptation of Macbeth inspired by the aesthetic of Alfred Hitchcock's films. Explore five floors of the McKittrick Hotel, and if you're lucky, you might come upon a secret room or interact with the actors.

Get Sleep No More tickets now.

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Stomp is a great gift for drummers, crossword puzzle lovers, and anyone who finds music in everything — even things like garbage cans and water. These ordinary objects and more are used in the show to make catchy percussive rhythms.

Get Stomp tickets now.

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