Off-Broadway Reviews

Our enthusiastic team of critics also covers a great volume of Off-Broadway productions in New York City, so why not peruse through our Off-Broadway Reviews section and find out what theatrical delights are entertaining audiences beyond the Great White Way?
Of course, our reviews solely represent the views and opinions of the individual critic. Nevertheless, they are sure to provide helpful guidelines in an ever-growing and flourishing Off-Broadway scene. Or visit the reviews archive for closed shows.

  • Aadya Bedi & Adina Verson in Wives
    Playwrights Horizons
    Wives, by Jaclyn Backhaus, is both a serious and over-the-top crackling, comically directed (by Margot Bordelon) tour through history beginning in 16th century France with Catherine de’ Medici, a... Read more
  • Lois Robbins in L.O.V.E.R.
    Pershing Square Signature Center
    Validation is a part of our every day, connecting us to our phones, our email, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. We are linked to everyone we know and don’t know, sharing who we are, or... Read more
  • Keith Hamilton Cobb in American Moor
    American Moor
    Cherry Lane Theatre
    A man of a certain age and a certain race arrives to audition for the role of a man of a certain age and a certain race. You’d think it was a slam/dunk, so to speak, and yet… Keith Hamilton Cobb is... Read more
  • Samantha Mathis & Susannah Flood in Make Believe
    Make Believe
    Second Stage Theater - Tony Kiser Theater
    As we grow up, do we lose our ability to make believe? Or do we merely get better at the nuances of pretending and master the skill of mirroring the way we believe ourselves to fit in the world? In... Read more
  • Kirsten Scott & CJ Eldred in Rock of Ages
    Rock of Ages
    New World Stages
    The ferocity of hard rock is eroded by a stream of easy laughs in Rock of Ages, a hot mess of a musical that is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Broadway run with a 16-week Off-Broadway... Read more
  • Jackie Hoffman in Fiddler on the Roof
    Fiddler on the Roof
    Stage 42
    Full disclosure - I saw Zero Mostel in Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway in 1965. My sister and I sat audience left very close to the front and I think the tickets were $9.95. I wasn't crazy for Mostel... Read more
  • Brent Bateman in The Play That Goes Wrong
    The Play That Goes Wrong
    New World Stages
    Halfway through the first act of the hilarious off-Broadway staging of The Play That Goes Wrong, an actor who has grown wildly frustrated because of a missing prop turns to the audience and says, “... Read more
  • Ato Blankson-Wood in Slave Play
    Slave Play
    Golden Theatre
    PLEASE NOTE: This is an Off-Broadway review of Slave Play during its run at New York Theatre Workshop. Fasten your seat belts tightly for Jeremy O. Harris. The 29-year-old professional’s debut Slave... Read more
  • Kimber Sprawl & Sydney James Harcourt in Girl From the North Country
    Girl from the North Country
    Belasco Theatre
    NOTE: THIS IS A REVIEW OF THE 2018 PUBLIC THEATER PRODUCTION OF GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY... May I just say that I take back every negative thing I have ever said about Bob Dylan. Including the... Read more
  • Gazillion Bubble Show
    New World Stages
    A gazillion is a really big number, bigger than a google for sure. No one can count up to a gazillion though one may try. But when a gazillion bubbles are showered upon an audience filled with adults... Read more