Kathleen Campion

Kathleen Campion

Kathleen Campion is a nationally recognized broadcast journalist in the United States. Reporting and anchoring for Bloomberg News, CNBC, PBS, and The Wall Street Journal Report among others, she developed a gift for making the opaque in markets reporting transparent. Campion's strongest suits include the one-on-one interview, running a lively panel, and her grace under pressure.

She's grilled the best and the brightest, sometimes the driven, and occasionally the truly gifted. Some favorites include Tina Brown, Niall Ferguson, Dan Schorr, Lorin Maazel, Atul Gawande, Michael Lewis, Richard Branson, Sara Vowell, Joe Stiglitz, Paul Volker, Carl Hiaasen, Lewis Black, Bob Schieffer, Kenneth Feinberg, Alan Acykboure, David Denby, Margaret Atwood, Steve Wozniak, and Boone Pickins.

At Bloomberg News she was one of three managers who created Bloomberg's broadcast and cable media in the 1990s. She recently returned to an early specialty — arts reporting, interviewing authors and musicians, journalists and comics, playwrights and critics. She is quick to admit surprise that the skills that enliven financial reporting are an enormous assist in dissecting theater.

Campion lives in New York's Greenwich Village and visits London at every opportunity.


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