Circus and magic shows in New York

Circus shows and magic acts are an exciting part of New York City's entertainment scene. Buy tickets to circus or magic shows now for a night out to remember.
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Entertainment options abound in New York City. So when you’re in the mood for something besides a Broadway show or a stroll through an acclaimed museum, you are in luck. The city’s rich array of circus and magic performances are out there to satisfy a broad spectrum of tastes.

From grand spectacles to intimate showcases, the city's diverse array of circus and magic shows guarantees unforgettable live experiences. New York Theatre Guide makes getting tickets a breeze, ensuring you're at the heart of the action for these mesmerizing performances.

The Big Apple Circus, an esteemed institution, orchestrates a grand celebration of awe-inspiring circus arts each holiday season. Beneath its iconic big top tent, this extravaganza seamlessly weaves together thrilling acrobatics, mesmerizing aerial feats, and uproarious clown acts. For a different sort of experience, Chamber Magic, led by the talented magician Steve Cohen, offers a more intimate encounter year-round, weaving magic seamlessly with captivating storytelling.

New York City, celebrated for its diversity in all facets of life, showcases an equally diverse array of circus and magic shows. Whether you're a lifelong enthusiast of these enchanting art forms or a newcomer to their allure, the city's offerings are guaranteed to astonish and delight. Get your tickets for tonight or plan ahead for future performances through New York Theatre Guide, as these shows promise to transport you into a world of wonder.

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