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Get tickets to Broadway plays right now, including comedies, dramas, classics, new works, and starry events, many of which are only on for a limited time.
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Get tickets to Broadway plays on New York Theatre Guide. Broadway is largely known for musicals, but there are plenty of non-musical plays on Broadway, too. They have just as much drama, intrigue, and thrill, be it comic or tragic. Alongside revivals of classical works are an ever-rotating lineup of new plays by fresh voices — and often with big names attached. Most Broadway plays only run for a limited time, so celebrities will often headline these shows in between their many other projects. Take advantage of a rare chance to see a star perform up close — and even at non-starry plays, you still get to see the talent of Broadway actors on full display.

There are exceptions to the limited-run rule — right now, you can see the long-running family favorite like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which has run on Broadway since 2018. Or discover new plays in NYC by a diverse array of writers. Plays that have won prestigious honors like the Pulitzer Prize will either debut on or return to Broadway afterward, perhaps even earning Tony Award nominations and wins for Best Play or Best Revival.

Get tickets to see Broadway dramas and comedies on New York Theatre Guide. If you're looking for even more theatre to discover, browse our listings of Off-Broadway plays and see what might be the next hit Broadway play in the making.

Audiences are no longer required to present proof of vaccination at Broadway theatres, and mask-wearing is optional. Find out more about Broadway's latest Covid safety policies here.

Frequently asked questions

What are some recommended plays to see on Broadway?

One long-running, fan-favorite play on Broadway is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which has played the Lyric Theatre since 2018. Beyond that, most Broadway plays have limited runs, only playing for a few months each, so the must-see plays are always changing. Be sure to check back regularly to see which plays are currently on Broadway.

What is the difference between plays and musicals?

Broadly, plays do not include songs all throughout the show, and musicals do. Some plays do incorporate some music — similar to how even non-musical films have a score — but the songs in musicals are incorporated throughout and advance the plot of the show.

Are plays shorter than musicals?

Plays are not always shorter than musicals. The running times of Broadway shows generally range between 90 minutes and 3 hours, and plays can fall anywhere within this range. New York Theatre Guide lists running times on each show's individual page, so be sure to check there to find out how long your desired play is.

Do plays have music?

Some plays incorporate some songs throughout or have a background score in the same way that films have a score. What separates a play from a musical, generally, is that musicals not only have more music, but has songs that advance the plot of the show.

Do plays have intermissions?

Some plays have intermissions, while others do not. Typically, most shows — play or musical — with a running time of less than 2 hours will not have an intermission.

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