Top theatre to see in New York in February

Here are our top picks of theatre to check out in February 2024, including multiple new Broadway shows that are kicking off the spring season in earnest.

Gillian Russo
Gillian Russo

With Valentine's Day in the middle of the month, love is in the air in February. What better time to fall in love with some new theatre? Off-Broadway and Broadway tickets are plentiful this time of year, so you can get great seats for you and all your loved ones to see Broadway musicals, Off-Broadway plays, and more in February.

With lots of new shows starting performances this month as the spring theatre season kicks into high gear, there's so much to discover all over the city this month. Here are our top picks for what to see at New York theatres in February 2024.

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This Tony- and Pulitzer-winning drama from John Patrick Shanley returns for its first Broadway revival — can we get an amen? The central conflict is between a nun (Amy Ryan) who works as a boys' Catholic school principal and suspects a priest (Liev Schreiber) of inappropriate conduct with a student. But a series of unknowns put her theories in doubt.

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The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks's timeless love story, first a novel and then a fan-favorite movie, is now a swoon-worthy musical with an original score by Ingrid Michaelson. Follow Noah and Allie across decades as they fight for their love even as class differences, war, and other suitors try to pull them apart at every turn.

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An Enemy of the People

TV stars Jeremy Strong, Michael Imperioli, and Victoria Pedretti take the stage together in this sleek new revival of a timeless Ibsen classic. Pulitzer- and Tony-nominated playwright Amy Herzog newly adapted this drama about a doctor who sounds the alarm on contaminated water in his spa town — and becomes a public enemy for jeopardizing the town's economy. What will it take to save lives and the truth?

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Water for Elephants

Run away with the circus at this new musical adaptation of Sara Gruen's romantic drama novel. When ex-veterinary student Jacob joins a traveling circus, cares for its animals, and falls for a trapeze artists, he feels at home — except his lover is married to the jealous ringmaster. It's hard to predict which will be more thrilling: what happens to the star-crossed lovers, or how a full circus gets recreated for the Broadway stage.

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Brooklyn Laundry

Why have one John Patrick Shanley play when you can have two? While Doubt gets revived on Broadway, the Moonstruck Oscar winner directs his latest world-premiere show off Broadway. Cecily Strong and David Zayas star in the story of three sisters and a laundromat owners who, from a simple visit to drop off laundry, end up turning each other's lives inside out.

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The White Chip

Sometimes we have to laugh through the dark moments, and that's the M.O. of The White Chip, a dark comedy about a man's road to alcoholism recovery. After premiering off Broadway in 2019, the critically acclaimed show returns with its original star, Joe Tapper, and director, Sheryl Kaller.

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Oh, Mary!

Award-winning writer and comedian Cole Escola stars as the title Mary — that is, Mary Todd Lincoln — in this new show that takes a darkly funny and wildly irreverent look at her legacy. Conrad Ricamora, James Scully, and more also star in this show set in the lead-up to Abraham Lincoln's assassination.

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The Life and Slimes of Marc Summers

The iconic host of Double Dare and Unwrapped takes the stage in his new theatrical memoir. But Life and Slimes isn't an ordinary play — as a nod to his Double Dare career, it's also an interactive game show audience members can participate in while learning about the highs and lows of Summers's life and career.

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Dead Outlaw

The multi-Tony Award-winning creative team behind The Band's Visit premieres its latest new musical off Broadway, telling the wild true story of Western bandit Elmer McCurdy. A bungling robber in life, he became a sideshow attraction, museum exhibit, and subject of widespread fascination in death — find out why.

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The Apiary

Taylor Schilling stars in this world-premiere play at Second Stage Theater about science and honeybees. Two lab assistants have a plan that could change the world — they just need some volunteers.

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I Love You So Much I Could Die

Real life couple Mona Pirnot (creator/performer) and Lucas Hnath (director) team up for their first show at New York Theatre Workshop, the theatre where they met. I Love You So Much I Could Die combines AI technology and live musical performance as Pirnot shares deeply personal anecdotes from her life.

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Go on a seafaring adventure at this seldom revived Shakespeare classic. Newly reinvented by Fiasco Theater at Classic Stage Company, Pericles follows the title prince as he encounters riddles, pirates, romance, and more on a high-stakes journey across the Mediterranean.

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Make Me Gorgeous!

Extended beyond its original limited run and now starring RuPaul's Drag Race star Jackie Cox, this solo show is only on stage through February 25. See Cox as Kenneth/Kate Marlowe, a real-life LGBTQ+ trailblazer who held numerous careers and redefined what a queer person in America could be.

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A Sign of the Times

The '60s are swinging again in this new musical set to hits from the decade by Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield, Lesley Gore, and more. Follow a young photographer as she tries to document and find her place in a rapidly changing world, which explodes with civil rights, women's rights, and anti-war movements.

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The Seven Year Disappear

Cynthia Nixon returns to the New York stage in this new play about a performance artist who unexpectedly pops back up in her son's life after disappearing for years. Taylor Trensch plays her son, and the two must confront suppressed memories and figure out a way forward as a family.

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Sunset Baby

Ten years after its critically acclaimed premiere, Tony-nominated playwright Dominique Morisseau's Sunset Baby returns off Broadway. Similarly, the plot focuses on a former Black revolutionary who returns to his daughter's life after many years, and his last chance at redemption is tied up in her chance at liberation.

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The cult classic movie is now a coming-of-rage musical. When Christian teen Dawn discovers her body has the power to literally bite back when men try to violate it, she unlocks a wave of suppressed anger, desire, and power that she has to learn to harness.

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Photo credit: Joy Woods and Ryan Vasquez in the pre-Broadway production of The Notebook in Chicago. (Photo courtesy of production)

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