'In & Of Itself' is coming to Hulu: experience the magical NYC theatre show at home

Abby Bien
Abby Bien

When In & Of Itself first came to New York City's Daryl Roth Theatre in 2017, The New York Times determined that this one-man show "sets [Derek DelGaudio] apart from the Abracadabra crowd." 

DelGaudio's illusion meets monologue quickly had the who's who of NYC making their way downtown for a ticket; the show was sold out nearly every night and had to extend its run twice. 

And now a filmed performance produced by Stephen Colbert comes to Hulu on January 22. The stage show and movie's director Frank Oz told Variety: "One of the things I love about In & Of Itself is that it can't be explained. It has to be seen. And now it can be — on Hulu." 

So, how can you make your In & Of Itself viewing party as extraordinary as possible? Take a look below. 

The lights are about to dim 

Make your space as theater-y as you can. Turn the lights off, put away your phone, and focus on the show. The magic of In & Of Itself is that it's a deeply personal experience for both DelGaudio and the audience. You'll want to have all eyes and attention on your screen. 

No talking at the theater 

Pretend there's an usher in your living room ready to "shush" you with every comment you make. There will be plenty of time to talk about the show at the bar (or rather, on your couch) after it's done. To ensure you're getting all the meaning out of In & Of Itself — it's best to stay quiet. 

Don't ask questions 

Can you tell any more information about this performance, could be a spoiler? Before you press "play," don't read anything about what you might see. And after you press "play," don't try and sleuth your way out of DelGaudio's illusions. First of all, you won't be able to. He's really good at his job. And second of all, it's more fun to give into the magic rather than to solve the mystery. 


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