'Ice Factory 05' at the Ohio Theatre

Soho Think Tank presents Ice Factory 05, their 12th annual summer festival of new work, from the 20 Jul - 21 Aug 2005 at the Ohio Theatre.

Ice FActory is Soho Think Tank�s(STT) annual summer festival of new work. STT presents work by emerging and established downtown companies, as well as national and international groups. STT prides itself on the aesthetic diversity of the work presented, while maintaining a standard of intelligent, imaginative theater. ICE FACTORY offers companies a prime forum in which to develop new work for possible future productions.

Soho Think Tank aims to strengthen, nurture and promote aesthetically and culturally diverse community of independent theatre artists and theatre companies by producing, presenting, and programming new work at the Ohio Theater, in Soho.

Ice Factory 05 Schedule:
All performances are wed - Sat at 7pm and cost $15, $10 for students and seniors

  • Sabooge Theatre Company's
    Fathom: Wed 6 - Sat 9 Jul
    Devised and created by Sabooge Theatre Company
    At the far edges of the known world, a disenchanted shell collector and a sickly boy navigate science and survival in the bug-ridden fundamentalist colony of Tasmania. With minimal props, live music, and unflagging ingenuity, Fathom weaves its way through history and fantasy.
  • Sponsored By Nobody's
    The Position: Wed 13 Jul - 16 Jul
    written and directed by Kevin Doyle, and choreographed by Nicole Colbert.
    Six men wait to be interviewed for a job opening at a major corporation. Are they deranged, or is it the inverted logic of the American job market? A comic vision that strips away the veneer of reflexive gestures and coded corporate conversation in today's dog-eat-dog business culture.
  • The Riot Group's
    Switch Triptych: Wed 20 Jul - Sat 23 Jul.
    Written & Directed by Adriano Shaplin.
    New York City, 1919. At a switchboard exchange on the brink of extinction, three operators stare down the future, desperate to preserve their matriarchy. A carelessly researched, serious-minded, peep-show for the brain.
  • Favored Nations Theatre's
    Psyche: Wed 27 Jul - Sat 30 Jul.
    Written by Deborah Wallace, directed by Leon Ingulrud, with music by Andy Gilis
    James Barry was born in 1796. He was a surgeon and a soldier. He fought duels and treated lepers. He was tried for sodomy and acquitted. He was also a woman. An epic musical about war, medicine, sexuality and love, told through the life of a flamboyant and fascinating human being who chooses to love only in the dark.
  • The Foundry Theatre's
    Major Bang: Wed 3 Aug - Sat 6 Aug.
    Directed by Paul Lazar and featuring Steve Cuiffo
    David Hahn earns a merit badge building a homemade nuclear reactor in his backyard. A heady concoction about nuclear suitcases, The Anarchist Cookbook, and Zbignew Brezinski. Is this the end of geo-political war, or just an awe inspiring magic trick? Entertainment for the little terrorist in each of us.
  • Witlness Relocation Company's
    In a Hall in the Palace of Pyrrhus: Wed 1o Aug - Sat 13 Aug.
    Directed by Daniel Safer and designed by Ruth Pongstaphone
    The Palace is awash in Grand Guignol blood, guts and Bowie songs to create an expressionistic production of the classic Racine play Andromaque, itself an adaptation of the classic Greek play.

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