Hell Cab, by Will Kern, at Under St Mark's

Horse Trade Theater Group presents Hell Cab, by Will Kern, at Under St Mark's from the 1 Nov - 10 Dec 2005.

Hell Cab is a day in the life story of a cab driver in for the longest night of his life as he transports a bizarre and mysterious collection of customers through the gritty streets of Chicago.

Playwright and Chicago cab driver Will Kern draws from personal experiences to create the alternately frightening, hilarious and poignant, Hell Cab. Throughout his long shift the bizarre and eclectic collection of passengers who enter our Hero�s cab, a trio of drug-addicts, a rape victim, a fellow cab driver, a smug lawyer, a born-again couple on their way to church, a randy couple on their way to a motel, and others bring about an emotional and existential transformation.

How lasting is a 30 second conversation? What do you really look like to those eyes in the rear view mirror? When do the barriers of passenger and Driver disappear? And can the Christmas spirit really restore someone�s faith in humanity?

The cast for Hell Cab, directed by Akia, features Nic Mevoli, who will be starring as the Cab Driver who will taxi an ensemble of over 20 actors who will be rotating through out the run

The show is produced by A Rising Sun Performance Company

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