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Inferno: A Halloween Masquerade

Happy Halloween at the McKittrick Hotel

Inferno: A Halloween Masquerade returns to the McKittrick Hotel.

Tom Millward
Tom Millward

Is that time of the year again, folks, when things go bump in the night. And if you're still looking for a night out to celebrate tomorrow evening's ghoulish festivities, then the New York Theatre Guide heartily recommends Inferno, which return to the McKittrick Hotel in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. Billed as a "Halloween Masquerade", Inferno takes over the home of Punchdrunk's acclaimed, immersive production Sleep No More for the final date tomorrow. Patrons attended the first two dates over the weekend and were trick or treated to an onslaught of occult-themed live performances, in the elaborately decorated, multi-storey venue. Take a stroll through a graveyard, visit an undertaker's parlour, or get lost in a spooky forrest - there is plenty to explore at the McKittrick Hotel for those of a more daring nature.

If you really want to splash out on the most devilish night of the year, why not book yourselves in to Sleep No More as well, which begins around 7pm and ends just before Inferno kicks off. Based on Shakespeare's classic Macbeth, with more than a touch of a voyeuristic "Eyes Wide Shut" influence to it, Sleep No More continues to entice theatre-fans as one of the most unique experiences on offer in New York City. With very little dialogue, scenes are played out mostly through the medium of interpretive dance and movement. And those of a nervous disposition be warned - some of the scenes contain plenty of blood, gore and nudity.

The ticket prices for Inferno also includes an all-you-can-drink bar, so, raise a toast on this terror-ific night out! Check out The McKittrick Hotel's website for further information.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on some of the gruesome photos from this past weekend:

(Photos by giafrese for The McKittrick Hotel​)

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