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Floating Brothel at the Tank

Floating Brothel at the Tank from 9 - 25 Apr 2008.

Floating Brothel: London, 1789. A whirlpool of filth, thievery and political unrest. Jails overflow with petty criminals, many of them women forced out of work and onto the streets as jobs are reclaimed by soldiers returning from the American war. The penal code hasn't been updated in more than a century, and crimes as trivial as pickpocketing are hanging offenses. Faced with a legal system in crisis, and a growing humanist movement opposed to executions, the courts hit upon an innovative solution: ship the woman convicts to Australia to revive the failing all-male penal colony in New South Wales.

The play is written by the show's ensemble which features: Megan Campisi, Loren Fenton, Kevin Lapin, Liz Vacco and Ben Vershbow. Lighting design is by Lucas Krech.

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