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Flanagan's Wake at the SoHo Playhouse

The comedy Flanagan's Wake will play at the SoHo Playhouse from 27 Sep - 30 Nov 2007.

Flanagan's Wake is an interactive Irish wake that has been running in Chicago for 13 years! Set in the fictional town of Grapplin, in the real county of Sligo, Ireland, the whole town (read: the audience) has come to mourn (read: sing, dance, drink and celebrate) the passing of good old Flanagan at his favorite pub.

With the Mayor tending bar, town folk eulogize Flanagan (with the help of all in attendance) and celebrate a life well-lived. Of course, it wouldn't be a wake without a disputed will. In Flanagan's Wake, you'll be transported to the Emerald Isle to grieve as only the Irish can!

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