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End's Eve: The Feast of 2012 at the Village Theatre

Fifth World Productions presents End's Eve: The Feast of 2012, by Jennifer Gnisci and Hilary Park, at the Village Theatre from 10 - 19 Aug 2007, as part of FringeNYC.

End's Eve: The Feast of 2012: It's 21 Dec 2012. According to ancient Mayan prophecy, this is the day that the world will end and be reborn. Manhattanites Leo and Davis, a gay couple, host a costumed dinner party for their friends to celebrate the coming of the new age. Among the guests: Bardo, an uninvited stranger who charms his way into their midst and manipulates the events of the evening. As the booze flows, the cuckoo clock sounds off the hours and the guests are forced to confront what may be their very last midnight. Tensions rise as faiths teeter, beliefs unravel and mystical surprises abound.

Directed by Erik Bryan Slavin, End's Eve: The Feast of 2012 features Devon Berkshire, Nic Few, Patrick Knighton, Ethan Matthews, Chance Mullen, Lauren Orkus, Tony Naumovsky, Tim Smallwood and Marnye Young.

Set design by Tania Bijlani, with costumes by Ciera Wells De Koning, lighting by Adam Greene and sound by Sharath Patel.

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