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Elvis and Juliet at the June Havoc Theatre

Abingdon Theatre Company presents Elvis and Juliet, by Mary Willard, opening at the June Havoc Theatre at the Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex on the 7 Jun 2006, following previws from the 2 Jun and running through to the 2 Jul 2006

Elvis and Juliet: Two households, both alike in dignity� mostly. Meet Juliet Jones and Elvis Lesley, star-cross�d lovers whose upcoming marriage brings together their ne�er more opposite families: she�s from conservative suburbanites, he from a flamboyant Vegas clan whose idol is none other than The King himself.

The cast for Elvis and Juliet, directed by Yvonne Conybeare, features Fred Willardn, David Rasche, Bridget Clark, Lori Gardner, Warren Kelley, Haskell King, Christy McIntosh, Carole Monferdini, Pamela Paul and Justin Schultz.

The comedy has set design by Ray Rechtn, costumes by Ingrid Maurer and lighting by David Castaneda.

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