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Early To Bed, presented by Musicals Tonight at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre

Musicals Tonight presents Early To Bed, at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre from 17 - 29 Mar 2009.

Early To Bed has music by Thomas 'Fats' Waller, with book and lyrics by George Marion, Jr.

Early To Bed: This Fats Waller musical features an over-the-hill matador (El Magnifico) who falls in love with an old girl friend who now runs a brothel. Her current borders include an American track team who think they�re at a finishing school where the girls wear very little clothing.

The Fats Waller songs include: 'There's a Man in My Life,' 'Slightly Less than Wonderful,' 'Ladies Who Sing with the Band,' 'This is So Nice (It Must Be Illegal), Martinique,' 'When the Nylons Bloom Again,' 'At Hi-De-Ho-Hi in Harlem' and 'Get Away Young Man.'

Directed by Thomas Sabella-Mills, Early To Bed features Vincent D'Elia (El Magnifico), Rita Rehn (Rowena), Nicolas Davila (Pablo), Frank Viveros (Lois), Ali Ewoldt (Lily-Ann), Allyson Tucker (Eileen), Jenny Neale (Jessica), Eduardo Placer (Tito), Jose Luaces (Fernando), Erik Hogan (O'Connor), Roger Rifkin (Coach), Jusstin Sayre (Mayor), Robert Anthony Jones (Yorba) and Oakley Boycott (Isabella).

The ensemble features Lauren Ruff, Christine Walker, Britt Johnson, Damon Thomas, Taylor Simon and David Tolles.

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