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Dog Day Afternoon at the Sargent Theatre

The Barefoot Theatre Company presents Frank Solorzano's stage adaptation of the 1975 Academy Award winning film Dog Day Afternoon, at the American Theatre of Actors' Sargent Theatre from 7 - 25 Mar 2007.

Dog Day Afternoon is based on a true story of an actual 1972 New York bank robbery gone awry. When a man and his crew storm a bank in an attempt to steal the money needed to pay for his lover�s operation his incompetence draws the attention of the authorities, then the media and then the public, creating a media circus that followed the robbers and their 8 hostages until his eventual capture.

Directed by Frank Solorzano, Dog Day Afternoon features Jeremy Brena, Susan Ferrara, John Gazzale, Victoria Malvagno, Dolores McDougal, Roderick Nash, Amanda Plant, Lorraine Rodriquez, Rafi Silver, Frank Solorzano, Anika Solveig, Joli Tribuzio, Christopher Whalen..

Set design by Adam Rodriguez, with costumes by Victoria Malvagno, lighting by John Beverly and sound by Tasha Guevara.

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