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"Cooking With Lard" at Here Theatre from 13 Mar 2004

Wed 11 Feb 2004 "Cooking With Lard" at Here Theatre from 13 Mar 2004 White Bird Productions presents Cooking With Lard, By Cindy Hanson and Cheryl Norris at Here Theatre's Mainstage, 145 Sixth Ave, (Off Broadway), opening 19 Mar 2004, following previews from 13 Mar, and booking to 3 Apr 2004 Directed by Paul Mullins, the play features Lorrie Harrison, Bijou Clinger, Cindy D. Hanson, Kathryn Dickinson It is designed by David Evans Morris, lighting by Juliet Chia, with costumes by Kelly Hanson. In a small Texas town, a wild assortment of women congregate to speculate on the death, and possible murder, of a local man by his wife El Rita. A four-person cast portray the 15 characters who roll in and out of Addie's diner playing bingo, rehearsing a drill-team show, selling girl scout cookies and protesting the eating of meat as they grapple with the small and large issues that arise in one day at the local diner.

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