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Cherubina at the Sanford Meisner Theater

Performance Lab 115 presents Cherubina, by Paul Cohen, opening at the Sanford Meisner Theater on 1 Feb 2008, following previews from 4 Feb and running through to 23 Feb 2008.

Set in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1913, Cherubina is based on the true story of Elisa Ivanovna, a frustrated poet and crippled school teacher. Elisa and her friend create Cherubina De Gabriak, Elisa's young, beautiful, and fictional nom de plume, to see if Nikolai, who publishes the literary paper, will be more likely to print poems by this mysterious, voluptuous writer. He does, and falls in love with the idea of Cherubina through her poems and the letters they exchange.

Directed by Alexis Poledouris, Cherubina features Teddy Bergman, Amanda Fulks and Jimmy Owens.

The creative team comprises Gina Scherr (sets and lighting) and Zane Pihlstrom (costumes).

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