Broadway Strike - Day Fourteen 'The Grinch' returns to Broadway, but will the theatre owner's steal the Whos Christmas with their nasty appeal.

Local One Pickets

As the strike by Local One, Broadway's unionised stage hands, enters its fourteenth day, the producers of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! are celebrating Christmas early, with their show finally re-opening on Broadway this evening.

The Grinch was darkened on Sat 10 Nov 2007, when Local One went on strike at 10am that morning. The producers then persuaded the union to lift the strike action against their production. There argument was that they had negotiated a special contract with the union in Aug, which would allow the musical to play up to 15 performances per week, and not the usual eight. Local One agreed and on 19 Nov ordered the picket line to come down outside the St James Theatre, where The Grinch is housed.

However the good news was short lived as the producers of the show, and the Union, where informed that Jujamcyn Theatres, owners of the St James Theatre, had locked out the stagehands from the show, thus preventing performances of the show from resuming.

The Producers of The Grinch then decided to seek an injunction against Jujamcyn Theatres, forcing them to allow stagehands to work on the show, and thus enable the musical to re-open.

The case went to court, and on Wed 21 Nov the producers won their case in court, with State Supreme Court Justice Helen Freedman saying, in her ruling: "I'm going to grant the injunction" against the lockout. I think one Grinch in town is enough."

However, the producers still have one more obstacle to clear. The show reopens today, 23 Nov 2007, but for how long? Jujamcyn Theatres are appealing the decision, with the date for the appeal to be heard set for 27 Nov 2007.

Will the second Grinch in town succeed in finally stealing the Whos' children Christmas?

The question on everyone's lips in Broadway is "When will the League and the Union re-start negotiations?" On the 20 Nov 2007, Local One's president issued a formal invitation to the League, asking for further talks on Sun 25 Nov 2007. The League, who has said they are discussing the matter, has still to accept the invitation.

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