Broadway dances you can learn at home right now

Check out these YouTube tutorials that will make you feel like you're center stage.

Abby Bien
Abby Bien

Don't get us wrong — we love to lay on the couch as much as the next person. But it's also super important to move for a bit each day. And what better way to exercise than with dance moves worthy of a Broadway stage? We've compiled 12 step-by-step videos from Broadway choreographers and dancers that'll help keep you moving, grooving, and singing while you're waiting to see your next show! By then, you'll be practically dancing in your seat right along with the performers.

Watch this while you warm up: iconic Broadway choreography

While you lace up your dancing shoes slippers, get in the moving mood and warm up alongside this look at some must-know Broadway dances. With iconic choreography from West Side Story to A Chorus Line, this is the perfect way to start the show.

Learn Broadway basics from So You Think You Can Dance

Take the stage with choreographer Stuart Bishop as he walks you through a classic Broadway-style routine. It's got everything: snapping fingers, the tip of an invisible hat, and multiple reaches for the stars.

"He Lives in You" from The Lion King

Be prepared to dance like an animal! Dancer and resident choreographer Ruthlyn Salomons takes you through some of her favorite moments from The Lion King with help from cast members of the Broadway show. Join the group (from the safety of your house) and get inspired with moves from "He Lives in You."

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"All That Jazz" from Chicago

"All That Jazz" is a musical number for the history books. When people think of Chicago, they think of the iconic, stylized moves of choreographer Bob Fosse — and this song has them all. This in-depth tutorial is the perfect video for anyone who loves Broadway choreography but doesn't necessary consider themselves a dancer — yet.

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Anything Goes dance break

Calling all former, current, and future tap dancers: Your moment has arrived and you are now the star of Anything Goes in your at-home production. While we might advise against tap shoes if you live in an apartment building, we don't advise against channeling your inner Sutton Foster and following this tutorial.

"Seize The Day" from Newsies

Newsies didn't win a Tony Award for Best Choreography for nothing! With the "Seize The Day" dance, you can simultaneously learn how to move like the Newsies and get your house clean when it's time to put a newspaper/rag/towel/whatever you've got at home on the floor and dance on it. The show's choreographer, Christopher Gattelli, walks you through the iconic scene step-by-step.

"You Can't Stop The Beat" from Hairspray

Tracy Turnblad, who? If you've watched the Hairspray movie countless times and think you could do all her moves, now's your chance to try. Jump back in time to the 60s and get groovin' with "You Can't Stop The Beat" from Hairspray. The choreographer and cast members from the UK tour take you through the song — and even leave a bit of room for you to freestyle on your own.

"We're All in This Together" from High School Musical

We all knew it when we were kids and watched the movie premiere on Disney Channel, and now it's the one that we've always been meaning to re-learn but just haven't had the time. And now we do! High School Musical is technically not a Broadway show, but it has the personality of a Broadway show. And that counts, right? This super thorough step-by-step will have you yelling "What team? Wildcats!" before you know it, whether you like it or not.

"The Ron Carlisle" choreography from Tootsie

"The Ron Carlisle" dance was one of the most memorable moments of Tootsie. It's fast-paced, hilarious, and very weird in all the best ways. Watch and learn as the show's choreographer Denis Jones and Broadway actors take you through each and every movement.

"This Is Me" from The Greatest Showman

This is the perfect tune to dance around your room in and let your inner circus performer go wild! And now you can do just that while doing the moves from the movie. We could all use some heart-pumping, emotionally-charged song and dance right now; there's quite possibly no better song to get you feeling inspired than "This Is Me." And even though The Greatest Showman isn't technically a Broadway show, it's got enough spectacle, music, and theatre actors in it to count.

"Come Alive" from The Greatest Showman

Sorry not sorry, but we really love The Greatest Showman. "Come Alive" is another song that has us feeling all sorts of excited. This tutorial accommodates each and every dance level of dance experience — including none — so it's ideal for you, your roommates, or the whole fam to learn together.

"Will Power" from Something Rotten!

There's no need to do your at-home workout if you're going to learn the choreography from "Will Power." Why? Because it's got cardio for days and moves you can't help but hit, and the song itself has a dreamy gym-meets-Broadway beat. Plus, you'll get to channel your inner diva as you transform into this musical's version of Shakespeare as a beloved rockstar. It's a win all around.

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