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Brighton Beach Memoirs & Broadway Bound: Broadway revival to be directed by David Cromer

Variety reports that producer Emanuel Azenberg Broadway revivels of Neil Simon's plays' Brighton Beach Memoirs and Broadway Bound is to be directed by David Cromer. Azenberg has previously stated that Daniel Sullivan would helm the revivals.

Brighton Beach Memoirs and Broadway Bound will mark director David Cromer's Broadway debut. The chicago based director helmed the off-Broadway production of the musical 'Adding Machine,' which played to critical acclaim at the Minetta Lane Theatre from 9 Feb - 20 Jul 2008. Cromer's Chicago production of Thornton Wilder's 'Our Town' is to play off-Broadway at the Barrow Street Theatre later this season

Brighton Beach Memoirs and Broadway Bound is expected to play Broadway in late 2009. The two related comedys are to be performed in repertoire. Casting, creative team, schedule and theatre are still to be announced.

In Brighton Beach Memoirs, set in 1937, Eugene is 15 years old, in Broadway Bound, set in 1949, Eugene is 23 years old. The notice is looking for actor who can convincingly play both ages.

Brighton Beach Memoirs was first performed on Broadway in 1983, directed by Gene Saks. Matthew Broderick made his Broadway debut in the comedy, playing the role of Eugene Jerome.

Broadway Bound was first performed on Broadway in 1986, again directed by Gene Saks. This time Jonathan Silverman played the role of Eugene Jerome, having made his Broadway debut when he replaced Matthew Broderick in Brighton Beach Memoirs.

The two plays are part of a trilogy of plays known collectively as the 'Eugene Trilogy.' The second play in the trilogy 'Biloxi Blues' is not being revived.

The plays are semi-autobiographical with the character Eugene Jerome based roughly on Neil Simon. Brighton Beach Memoirs tells of his adolescence in New York City and Broadway Bound tells of his career as an aspiring comedy playwright.

There has been no official confirmation of the production.

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