Boomerang announce their 2006 - 2007 Season. Free public performances of King Lear

The Boomerang Theatre Company begin their 8th season with free outdoor performances of Shakespeare's King Lear from the 17 Jun - 30 Jul 2006.

This will be followed by Boomerang in Rep: three plays performed at Center Stage from the 7 Sep - 1 Oct 2006.

Free outdoor Shakespeare production:

  • King Lear by William Shakespeare and directed by Philip Emeott.
    Synopsis: When Lear divides his kingdom among his three daughters, storm clouds roll over Britain. Can the King reunite his family and heal his fractured kingdom?
    Dates: 17 Jun - 30 Jul 2006

Boomerang in Rep at Center Stage:

  • Anna Christie by Eugene O'Neill and directed by Cailin Heffernan.
    Synopsis: Barge captain Chris Christopherson has come to regard all evil and misfortune as the work of 'dat old davil sea'. His only child Anna, after a separation of 20 years, chooses to reunite with her father. When Anna falls in love with strapping stoker Mat Burke, Anna's destiny hurtles toward her as Chris desperately to change her fate.
    Dates: 7 Sep - 1 Oct 2006.
  • Love in the Insecurity Zone, by Mike Folie, directed by Rachel Wood.
    Synopsis: In a future U.S. characterized by Security Zones, personal bar code tattoos, and armed commuters, Gayle finds life either boring or terrifying. Her mood is improved by a sudden romance with Hank, a secretive government agent on a mission to find very happy women. When Hank meets Gayle�s sister, the perennially happy Pearl, he spirits both women off to Washington, D.C., where they become entangled in a sinister government plot to bottle happiness.
    Dates: 7 - 24 Sep 2006.
  • The Ugly Man, by Brad Fraser, directed by Christopher Thomasson.
    Synopsis: Beautiful and spoiled heiress Veronica languishes on a ranch run by her overbearing mother, Sabina. When a hideously scarred drifter arrives looking for work both mother and daughter attempt to use him to their own selfish ends, resulting in tragedy for everyone.
    Dates: 9 - 30 Sep 2006.

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