BAiT (Buenos Aires in Translation), a 4 play festival at P.S. 122

Performance Space 122 presents Buenos Aires in Translation (BAiT), a festival of four English language world premieres which will run in repertory at P.S. 122 from 4 - 19 Nov 2006.

  • Women Dreamt Horses
    Writer: Daniel Veronese
    Director: Jay Scheib
    Synopsis: Three women and the three brothers to whom they are married play a zero-sum game in which all will be losers. A family business closes, and there is a meeting to talk about it. Dinner is served, but it will never be eaten.
    Dates: 4 - 19 Nov 2006
    Venue: P.S. 122 (Upstairs)

  • Panic
    Writer: Rafael Spregelburd
    Director: Brooke O�Harra
    Synopsis: Infused with the aesthetics of low-budget horror movies, Panic follows a mother and her two children, remnants of an unclassifiable family, as they attempt to recover the key to their safety deposit box and the life savings within � from the hands of the dead. Their pursuit is a fatal cocktail of desperate measures: from legal, religious, and psychotherapeutic tactics to the paranormal.
    Dates: 5 - 19 Nov 2006
    Venue: P.S. 122 (Upstairs)

  • A kingdom, a country or a wasteland, in the snow
    Writer: Lola Arias
    Director: Yana Ross
    In a cold, post-apocalyptic country where it is always night, two sisters, Luba, young and tough, and Lisa, older and easy prey for love, hunt and breed hares in this classically patterned tragedy. When they end up catching a man, Reo, a wild orphan, and bringing him home to their already fractured family, the dynamics change and chaos ensues.
    Dates: 4 - 19 Nov 2006
    Venue: P.S. 122 (Downstairs)

  • Ex-Antwone
    Writer: Federico Le�n
    Director: Juan Souki
    Synopsis: This hyper-fragmented exercise imagines a dreamlike encounter with the past, and navigates a labyrinth where memories and fantasies overlap in an unconscious way. It excavates a mental state in which reality, an ex-reality, and a wished-for reality converge.
    Dates: 5 - 19 Nov 2006
    Venue: P.S. 122 (Downstairs)

BAiT will publish these plays � all translations by Jean Graham-Jones � in the winter of 2007.

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