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'Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq' at West End Theatre from the 11 - 27 Mar 2005

Six Figures Theatre Company presents Baghdad Burning: A Girl Blog From Iraq, a full-length play adapted from the �Girl Blog from Iraq� written by Riverbend, an anonymous twenty-five-year old Iraqi woman living in Baghdad. The show plays at the West End Theatre from the 11 -27 Mar 2005

Already familiar to thousands of web surfers and a major influence in the blogging community, Riverbend�s text will be brought to life through Baghdad Burning: A Girl Blog From Iraq, a stage adaptation by Six Figures artistic director Kimberly Kefgen and literary manager Loren Ingrid Noveck.

Since August 2003, Riverbend has chronicled her day-to-day life as an educated Muslim woman in occupied Iraq with humor, insight, compassion, and candor. A multicultural ensemble cast will utilize music, movement, monologue and more, to explore America�s encounter with Riverbend�s complex reality: her love for Iraq and its people; the devastation caused by war and occupation; and her mounting fear as fundamentalists gain power and limit the freedoms she once enjoyed.

�Six Figures is dedicated to supporting women�s voices that might not otherwise be heard,� says director Kimberly Kefgen. �Riverbend�s voice leaps off the computer screen and calls for people to witness the remarkable story of a young woman maneuvering through extraordinary times. Baghdad Burning: A Girl Blog From Iraq is meant to create community dialogue about the implications of our policy in Iraq and to investigate stories that are not being told. Riverbend�s tagline is �let�s talk war, politics and occupation� � Six Figures hopes to do just that.�

Several talk-back sessions are scheduled throughout the run and will feature the cast, director and a series of guest speakers. Six Figures is excited to partner with the Feminist Press, who will be releasing Riverbend�s entries from August 2003 � September 2004 as a paperback book this May. Ms. magazine will also be serializing these entries in the coming months.

The creative team for Baghdad Burning: A Girl Blog From Iraq includes: Kimberly Kefgen, Director and Adaptor; Loren Ingrid Noveck, Literary Manager and Adaptor; and Stacy Conner, Stage Manager. The cast includes: Becca Blackwell, Deepti Gupta, Cassandra Vincent, and Andrew Zimmerman.

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