2010 Brits Off-Broadway announces line-up

2010 Brits Off-Broadway announces line-up 59e59 Theatres announce the 2010 lineup for their 7th annual festival Brits off-Broadway. The 2010 Brits Off-Broadway presents: Pieces Genre: Drama Playwright: Hywel John Director: Kate Wasserberg Producers: Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Wales Cast: Louise Collins, Jennifer Kidd and Steven Meo Synopsis: A dark fable of loss and revenge. When childhood is shattered by grief can the pieces be reassembled? Dates: 03 - 21 Nov 2010 Venue: 59E59's Theater C Personal Enemy Genre: Drama Playwright: John Osborne and Anthony Creighton Director: David Aula Producers: FallOut Theatre Cast: Karen Lewis, Tony Turner, Genevieve Allenbury, Mark Oosterveen, Joanne King, Peter Clapp and Steven Clarke Synopsis: A vivid depiction of the political and sexual paranoia that gripped America in the 1950s at the height of McCarthyism, when the public enemy suddenly became a lot more personal. Dates: 4 - 28 Nov 2010 Venue: 59E59's Theater B Lingua Franca Genre: Comedy Playwright: Peter Nichols Director: Michael Gieleta Producers: Cherub Company at the Finborough Theatre Cast: Anna Carteret, Enzo Cilenti, Ian Gelder, Abigail McKern, Chris New, Charlotte Randle and Natalie Walter Synopsis: Follows innocent abroad, Steven Flowers, as he travels from National Service in South-East Asia to 1950's Florence. He soon finds himself working for a chaotically-run language school, together with a cosmopolitan muddle of six foreign misfits killing their post- war nihilism in the cafés of Florence, the cradle of Renaissance high culture. Dates: 9 - 28 Nov 210 Venue: 59E59's Theater A Being Sellers Genre: Comedy Playwright: Carl Caulfield Director: Simon Green Producers: Waterloo East Theatre Cast: David Boyle Synopsis: Peter Sellers was celebrated for his ability to transform himself completely into his characters - from Chief Inspector Clouseau to Doctor Strangelove. But who was he and what was the personal cost of his comic genius? Marking the 30th anniversary of Sellers' death, Carl Caulfield's comedy brings to life a wealth of memorable characters to unmask a tortured Goon. Dates: 23 Nov - 12 Dec 2010 Venue: 59E59's Theater C An Audience with Mrs Moneypenny Genre: Comedy Playwright: Heather McGregor and Robert McGregor Director: Owen Lewis Producers: FallOut Theatre Cast: Synopsis: The ultimate working mother and saucy Financial Times weekend columnist descends upon New York with her tales of banking, business and cost centers one, two and three. Dates:30 Nov - 5 Dec 2010 Venue: 59E59's Theater B Haunted Genre: Drama Playwright: Edna O'Brien Director: Braham Murray Producers: Royal Exchange Theatre Cast: Brenda Blethyn, Niall Buggy and Beth Cooke Synopsis: When a captivating young woman enters the life of Mr. Berry, he pretends his wife is dead and dresses the young woman in her clothes to ensure the relationship continues. Dates: 1 Dec 2010 - 2 Jan 2011 Venue: 59E59's Theater A Double bill: Hysteria / If That's All There Is Genre:Comedy Creator Inspector Sand Director: Joseph Alford and Lu Kemp Producers: Inspector Sands Cast: Lucinka Eisler, Giulia Innocenti and Ben Lewis Synopsis: Hysteria: A man and a woman are on the most awkward dinner date of their lives. Caught in the middle is their mortified waiter, who is haunted by visions of global catastrophe. If That's All There Is: A couple teeters on the brink of marriage. As the happiest day of their lives approaches, the panic begins to rise. And everyone's watching. Dates: 7 Dec 2010 - 2 Jan 2011 Venue: 59E59's Theater B An eighth production will be announced in the coming weeks.

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