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Three Days of Rain

Written by: Richard Greenberg
Directed by: Joe Mantello
Cast: Julia Roberts (Nan), Bradley Cooper (Pip) and Paul Rudd (Walker )
Synopsis: Played in two acts set 35 years apart, 'Three Days of Rain' tells the story of a brother, a sister and a family friend delving into a secret at the heart of their parents' relationship. Walker, his sister Nan and their childhood friend Pip, who all meet in New York to divide the legacy of their late fathers, who were partners in a renowned architecture firm. In an effort to bring some peace to their own lives, the three search for clues that might explain what had gone on between their fathers, and the women in their lives, decades before. The story then shifts to that earlier time, with the same three actors portraying the previous generation. Both a family drama and a mystery

What the critics had to say.....

BEN BRANTLEY of the NEW YORK TIMES says �Wooden and splintered interpretation�
CLIVE BARNES of THE NEW YORK POST says "Hated the play. To be sadly honest, even hated her (Julia Roberts)."
ELYSA GARDNER of USA TODAY says "It's a credit to all three stars and director Joe Mantello that this Rain is a study in graceful, generous ensemble acting."
ROMA TORRE of NY1 says "It wilts in the Broadway spotlight."
JACQUES LE SOURD of JOURNAL NEWS says "Verdict on the play: Pretty lousy."
ROBERT FELDBERG of The Record says -Speaking of Julia Roberts- "OK, passable, pretty good at times, a bit awkward at others, nothing remarkable, nothing awful."
LINDA WINER of NEWSDAY says "Julia Roberts gives a lean, intelligent, altogether honorable performance in 'Three Days of Rain,' the lean, intelligent, entirely engrossing drama."
FRANK SCHECK of the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER says "The play still doesn't quite coalesce in a compelling fashion, but it does offer some poetically resonant moments along the way."

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