The Violet Hour

  • Date:
    November 1, 2003

    Opened: 6 Nov 2003
    Written by by Richard Greenberg
    Starring: Robert Sean Leonard, Dagmara Dominczyk, Robin Miles, Mario Cantone, Scott Foley
    Directed by: Evan Yionoulis
    Synopsis: Tells the story of a driven young publisher at the start of his career and the mysterious machine that could radically change his future.

    What the critics had to say.....
    BEN BRENTLEY of the NEW YORK TIMES says �The funk that descends when bad casting happens to good plays.� ROMA TORRE of NY1 says "A rainbow of delights." HILTON ALS of THE NEW YORKER says �Plot difficult to follow.� MICHAEL KUCHWARA of ASSOCIATED PRESS says "A well-crafted play filled with wonder." CLIVE BARNES of NEW YORK POST says �A big waste of time.� HOWARD KISSEL of NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says �Everything suffers because it lacks coherence.� ELYSA GARDNER of USA TODAY says �Mystery, humanity color.� LINDA WINER of NEWSDAYsays "Evan Yionoulis' production is handsome." FRANK SCHECK - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER says "When we learn the not-so-happy fates of several of its characters, we have long since ceased to care." MICHAEL SOMMERS of STAR-LEDGER says "Fades in second act."

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