Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks

  • Date:
    October 1, 2003

    Opened: 29 Oct 2003
    Written by Richard Alfieri
    Starring: Polly Bergen , Mark Hamill
    Directed by: Arthur Allan Seidelman
    Synopsis: Aformidable Florida retiree, Lily Harrison and an acerbic, transplanted New Yorker, Michael Minetti, become hilarious sparring partners before learning they have more in common than either could have imagined.

    What the critics had to say.....
    CLIVE BARNES of NEW YORK POST says � 'Lessons' is essentially undemanding, unremarkable entertainment.� HOWARD KISSEL of NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says �'Dance Lessons' a misstep.� ELYSA GARDNER of USA TODAY says �The premise is about as hokey as they come.� LINDA WINER of NEWSDAY says "Sweet but unrelentingly predictable work." FRANK SCHECK for THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER says,"Predictable, schmaltzy entertainment." MICHAEL KUCHWARA of ASSOCIATED PRESS says "'Six Dance Lessons' has two left feet."

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