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Springsteen on Broadway

Review Round-up of Springsteen on Broadway at Walter Kerr Theatre

Springsteen on Broadway is returning to Broadway. Springsteen on Broadway is at St James Theatre from June 26 - September 4. Find out more about Springsteen on Broadway here.

""Springsteen on Broadway" is a painful if thrilling summing-up at 68: a major statement about a life's work, but also a major revision of it."
Jesse Green for New York Times

""Springsteen on Broadway" is intimate and persuasive, satisfying and soul-stirring as it tells the personal journey of an American classic."
Joe Dziemianowicz for New York Daily News

"True Bruce-heads will have heard these stories hundreds of times, and the songs thousands of times. But having them whispered into your ear from touching distance means they pack a bigger emotional punch."
Hardeep Phull for New York Post

"It's an intimate show and a generous one, not just to past friends and collaborators but also to the audience, inviting us on a cross-country journey that is now, as he approaches 70, less about the gunning of his engines than the steadiness of his drive. He pulls it all off; he's understood. It's magic."
Adam Feldman for Time Out New York

"A rigorously disciplined performer still in fine, expressive voice and great physical shape at 68, Springsteen could very conceivably continue touring and producing new music for another decade or more. And yet this intimate, quasi-acoustic bio-concert — with the Boss alone on stage for the duration, playing guitar or piano and occasional harmonica, joined on just two numbers by his wife, Patti Scialfa — has the distinct feel of a thoughtfully conceived legacy show."
David Rooney for Hollywood Reporter

""Springsteen on Broadway" is as much a self-made monument to its master's vision and hurricane-force ambition as it is to his life and career, and it bears the mark of a self-made man who'll write his own history, thank you very much."
Jem Aswad for Variety

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