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Good Vibrations

Opened: 2 Feb 2005
Book by: Richard Dresser
Music & Lyrics by: Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys
Directed by: John Carrafa
Choreography by: John Carrafa
Set Design by: Heidi Ettinger

Starring: Tituss Burgess (Eddie), David Larsen (Bobby), Kate Reinders (Caroline), Brandon Wardell (Dave), Jessica-Snow Wilson (Marcella), Tracee Beazer, Heath Calvert, Janet Dacal, Tom Deckman, Sarah Glendening, Milena Govich, Justin Guarini, Chad Kimball, Amanda Kloots, John Jeffrey Martin, Jesse Nager, David Reiser, Jackie Seiden, Allison Spratt, Carlos L. Encinias, Vasthy Mompoint, Steve Morgan, Krysta Rodriguez.

Synopsis: Follows the romantic misadventures of a group of small-town teenagers from the East Coast on a life-changing odyssey to the Promised Land: the beaches of Southern California.

What the critics had to say.....

BEN BRANTLEY of The NEW YORK TIMES says �Even those who believe everything on this planet is here for a purpose may have trouble justifying the existence of "Good Vibrations," the singing headache that opened last night at the Eugene O'Neill Theater.� CLIVE BARNES of the NEW YORK POST says "The vibes are not so hot." HOWARD KISSEL of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says "What might have been a "feel-good" evening is simply dumb and tedious, more like Novocain than laughing gas." ELYSA GARDNER of USA TODAY says "It provides a diverting, if sometimes irritating, two hours, thanks to the synergy between an energetic young cast and a reliable old master, Beach Boys songwriter Brian Wilson" MICHAEL SOMMERS of the STAR-LEDGER says "A huge curtain descends at intermission that depicts stylized cresting waves. It's an oddly appropriate image, since 'Good Vibrations' is a total wipeout." LINDA WINER of NEWSDAY says "This bubblehead sucks the life from 32 songs by Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys" MICHAEL KUCHWARA of ASSOCIATED PRESS says "Proves that pop classics alone can't make musical theater � especially when accompanied by a sketchy, almost nonexistent plot, lame wit and meager character development." Frank Scheck of HOLLYWOOD REPORTER says "Choreographer John Carrafa, making his directorial debut, is clearly in over his hand, failing to infuse any of the musical numbers with any remote degree of originality or creativity."

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