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    August 1, 2009

    What the popular press said...

    CHALES ISHERWOOD for NEW YORK TIMES says, "It can come to feel monotonous and mechanical, at least to this viewer. The accent on high-octane tempos and audience-dazzling athleticism ultimately left me feeling more dazed than elated."

    JOE DZIEMIANOWICZ for NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says, "The dance speaks eloquently for itself."

    ELISABETH VINCENTELLI for NEW YORK POST says, "Consists of a breathless, plotless succession of ballroom routines. That's it, and it's either a lot or not very much, depending on your love for this type of dancing."

    LINDA WINER for NEWSDAY says, "This is a glorified floor show at Broadway prices."

    LISA JO SAGOLLA for BACK STAGE says, "The pumped-up production charges with supersonic speed through a stylish array of couple and ensemble numbers representing all 10 of the international-style competitive ballroom dances."

    ROMA TORRE for NY1 says, "A two-hour adrenaline rush featuring some of the best and best-looking ballroom dancers in the world."

    ROBERT FELBERG for THE RECORD says, ""An experience that alternates between exhilarating and contrived."

    MICHAEL KUCHWARA for ASSOCIATED PRESS says, "A surprisingly monotonous tour through the history of ballroom dancing."

    DAVID ROONEY for VARIETY says, "If you're going to invade the turf of Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins and Michael Bennett, you need to bring something beyond adrenaline and aggressive sizzle. Something like grace, style or wit. While there's only about 15 ounces of collective body fat onstage, there's also about 15 ounces of imagination."

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