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  • Mrs. Doubtfire

    What it lacks in fresh laugh-out-loud moments, honest-to-goodness heart, and sonic earworms you can't wait to hear again, the new Broadway musical Mrs. Doubtfire tries hard to make up for with cranked-up performances and a busy, busy, busy tone. No such luck. For all of the calories burned, it's still low-impact. The show retraces a 1993 Robin Williams big-screen blockbuster, and that iconic star turn inevitably looms large at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre. As musical comedies go, there's little...

    Stephen Sondheim Theatre
  • Photo credit: Clyde's (Photo by Joan Marcus)

    Food for thought is on the menu, along with lots of laughs and a few tears in Lynn Nottage's Clyde's, a richly entertaining and timely play set in a truck stop sandwich shop along a nowhere stretch of Berks County, Pennsylvania. It's roughly the same GPS of the author's Sweat, which focused on grim aftershocks of a factory lockout and won a Pulitzer Prize in 2017. Eight years earlier, she won the same award for Ruined, about women in the Congo scarred by war.Clyde's, commissioned by the Guthrie...

    Hayes Theater
  • I once asked a famed Tony-winning Broadway director, what is the point of a revival? Is it to tell us how far we've come or to tell us how far we have to go? The answer that the director gave me was a simple yes. If the same question was asked about the glorious revival, and belated Broadway debut, of Alice Childress's play Trouble in Mind, the answer would definitely be a resounding yes. Though the play was written in 1955, it pulsates with such vitality that it feels like it was written...

    Todd Haimes Theatre
  • Diana the Musical

    An enduring global icon nearly 25 years after her death, Princess Diana's fractured fairytale story has been mined extensively and spun into books, TV shows, and movies. It was only a matter of time before it was churned into a Broadway bio-musical. Too bad what awaits for subjects of the Great White Way is Diana: The Musical, a vacant and vapid royal rehash.Besides lacking a compelling point of view to make this familiar tale fresh, the slick musical retread tends to take a campy approach as it...

    Longacre Theatre
  • Caroline, or Change

    Some performances tell an entire story unto themselves. Sharon D Clarke delivers one such stunning star turn in this revival of Caroline, or Change, propelled onto Broadway by her acclaim in its previous London run. With an earth- and rafter-trembling embodiment of the title character, Clarke animates a curious — and at times troubling — musical with undeniable life.When Caroline, or Change first premiered at The Public Theater in 2003, a white creative team spinning a narrative that purportedly...

    Studio 54
  • Photo credit: Dana H. (Photo by Chad Batka)

    According to the burlesque dancers in the musical Gypsy, the secret to success is having a gimmick. But entertaining as their words are, one wonders if a coup de théâtre can sustain an evening-length performance, particularly when the one-trick pony involves lip-syncing? The answer is absolutely if you're the legendary drag artist Lypsinka ― who uses lines from classic Hollywood films to scintillating campy effect. That said, lip-synching lends itself well to bizarre and comedic entertainment;...

    Lyceum Theatre
  • Photo credit: David Byrne’s American Utopia (Photo by Matthew Murphy)

    Pricking up your ears — and your peepers — in a state of streaming delight goes with the territory at American Utopia, David Byrne's dazzling concert production back on Broadway for an encore joy jolt.The show returns with triumphant signs of its success, including a shiny special Tony Award for its four-month sold-out run that wrapped in February 2020. There's also a filmed live-capture performance directed by Spike Lee, who was in the audience (doing research, perhaps?) when I sat rapt at the...

    St. James Theatre
  • Photo credit: The Lehman Trilogy (Photo courtesy of The Lehman Trilogy)

    The origin story of American capitalism has everything: enterprise, greed, delusion, recurring and precipitous falls from grace. The Lehman Trilogy delivers all this and more in a stunning feat of information. That director Sam Mendes manages to spin nearly two centuries of facts and figures into a handsome and engrossing spectacle is its own kind of historic achievement.But lacking from this otherwise exhaustive cataloguing of our national folly is what's too often been perniciously glossed...

    Nederlander Theatre
  • Photo credit: Tristan Mack Wilds, Dyllón Burnside, Forrest McClendon and Da'Vinchi in Thoughts of a Colored Man (Photo by Julieta Cervantes)

    Shakespeare once wrote, "What a piece of work is a man!" In that famous monologue from Hamlet, Shakespeare was writing about, in part, the varied beauty and contradictions within humanity. Granted, Shakespeare was talking about white men, who for centuries have been given the gift of being seen as fully formed human beings. Unfortunately, while this benefit was extended to white men, it has not been extended to Black men. That sense of humanity, virtues, and flaws in Black men is what Keenan...

    Golden Theatre
  • Photo credit: Is This A Room cast (Photo by Chad Batka)

    What if you were interrogated by the FBI? You might think it would be like something out of The X Files, with a dimly lit room and intimidating agents in suits relentlessly questioning you with dramatic exclamations. But in Is This A Room, which is based on the transcript of a real-life FBI interrogation, being questioned by federal agents is seemingly more low-key than you expect — though no less anxiety-inducing. The subject being questioned in Is This A Room is Reality Winner, a 25-year-old...

    Lyceum Theatre

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