All Shook Up

  • Book by: Joe DiPietro
    Songs by: Elvis Presley
    Directed by: Christopher Ashley
    Choreography by: Ken Roberson
    Cast: Jennifer Gambatese (Natalie Heller), Jonathan Hadary (Jim Heller), Leah Hocking (Miss Sondra), Cheyenne Jackson (Chad), Nikki M. James (Lorraine Hart), John Jellison (Sheriff Earl), Alix Korey (Mayor Matilda Hyde), Mark Price (Dennis), Sharon Wilkins (Sylvia Hart),
    Synopsis: Tells the all-new story of a square little town in the middle of a square state in the middle of a square decade where a lonely young girl dreams of hitting the open road. Into her life rides a guitar-playin' roustabout who changes everything.

    What the critics had to say.....

    BEN BRANTLEY of the NEW YORK TIMES says �Yet another synthetic jukebox musical opened last night on Broadway, fresh off the assembly line.�
    CLIVE BARNES of NEW YORK POST says �But for all the frenzy, the show seems dead on arrival. Elvis has left the building. He's even put out the lights.�
    HOWARD KISSEL of NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says "You can have a wonderfully artificial good time. "
    ELYSA GARDNER of USA TODAY says "The game young cast members sing and act as if they just stepped off a Marvin Hamlisch tribute tour. There are some pretty and potent voices here, to be sure; but their approach to the material tends to range from painfully self-conscious to outright clueless."
    LINDA WINER of NEWSDAY says "We can't help but suspect that Ashley and his cast are having more fun than we are. (the audiance)"
    JACQUES LE SOURD of JOURNAL NEWS says "This is a great big Broadway show that never loses its mind or its light touch, with the accent on fun. It's a roustabout's joyride."
    MICHAEL SOMMERS of STAR-LEDGER says "It's an unexpected delight to discover that "All Shook Up" proves to be a terrifically entertaining time. You ain't nothin' but a hound dog if you don't dig this fun show."
    MICHAEL KUCHWARA of ASSOCIATED PRESS says "A mixed-up merry-go-round of fun anchored by all those Presley tunes. Lightweight, to be sure, but it floats very nicely indeed."
    FRANK SCHECK of the Hollywood Reporter says "A likable, entertaining show that even comes close to the gold standard of the genre, "Mamma Mia," in terms of getting the formula right. Although "All Shook Up" is unlikely to reach that show's monstrous level of success, it should enjoy a healthy Broadway run."

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