West Moon Street at the Hudson Guild Theatre

Prospect Theater Company presents West Moon Street, by Rob Urbinati, based on Oscar Wilde�s novella 'Lord Arthur Savile�s Crime', at the Hudson Guild Theatre from 21 Apr - 20 May 2007.

West Moon Street: Young Lord Arthur is deliriously happy - just down from Oxford and engaged to be married - until a fateful evening at Lady Windemere's when a mysterious palm-reader predicts a shocking turn of events.

Directed by Davis McCallum, b>West Moon Street features Judith Hawking (Lady Windermere), Michael Crane, Avi Glickstein, Jocelyn Greene, Melissa Miller, Glenn Peters, Alex Webb and David Ruffin (Lord Arthur).

Set design by Lee Savage, with costumes by Naomi Wolff and lighting by Lily Fossner.