"True West" by Sam Shepard, with a twist, at Bernie West Theatre, from 3 Mar 2004

Fri 13 Feb 2004 "True West" by Sam Shepard, with a twist, at Bernie West Theatre, from 3 Mar 2004 Indigo Productions presents True West, by Sam Shepard, at Bernie West Theatre at Baruch College, 17 Lexington Avenue (Off Broadway), from 3 to 21 Mar 2004. Seminal play about the role reversal of two brothers who are envious of each other's vastly different lifestyles. Carrying the role reversal theme to new heights, the Indigo production will feature two women Directed by Thomas G. Waites, the cast includes: Marlene Wallace, Sarah Jackson, Charlie Moss, Mary A. Sarno True West centers on the relationship between two estranged brothers--here, portrayed as sisters. Austin is a quiet Ivy-League graduate and ambitious Hollywood screenwriter on the verge of a career-making deal, and Lee is a loud, beer-swilling drifter and petty thief. Austin is putting the finishing touches on a romantic screenplay when the loutish Lee unexpectedly arrives, fresh from laying low in the desert and living off the winnings of her fighting pit bull. When Lee tells Austin's Hollywood agent that she knows a true story about the West that deserves to be filmed, the agent rejects Austin's screenplay in favor of Lee's idea. In the face of this unthinkable turn of events, the two sisters are forced to switch roles: Lee tries to pull herself together to write a movie and the now-bitter Austin descends into alcoholism and theft. Tensions build to a final, epic battle between the two siblings.