Stone / The Maguffin, a double bill at the Actors Theatre Workshop

Stone Soup Theatre Arts presents Stone / The Maguffin, a double bill of puppet theatre, opening at the Actors Theatre Workshop on 7 Apr, following previews from 5 Apr and running through to 28 Apr 2007.

Stone, written by Edward Bond, is a chilling fairy tale, explores the power and the risks of finding one's own place in the world as a young man is asked to deliver a seemingly ordinary stone to a mason's house; throughout the play the stone continues to grow until it becomes a boulder.

The Maguffin, written by Adam Hunault, is a farce that speculates what happens when the gay marriage movement dies, creating a frenzied attempt by the Republican Party to preserve their mainstream identity. In order to perpetuate their struggle against the agenda of the liberal left, they attempt to revitalize the gay marriage platform.

Directed by Nadine Friedman, Stone / The Maguffin features Seiko Carter, Caroline Reck, Ben Trawick-Smith, Chris Wild, Lauren Birriel, David Bryant, DR Hanson, Jacques Laurent, Marsha Martinez, Rachel Rhodes and Maria Schirmer.

Set design by Czerton Lim, with costumes by Jessica Lustig, puppets by Maria Schirmer and lighting by Sean Linehan.